FX root fraud

Hi there
I am also a vicitm of Fx-Root. I started my journey in December 2010 and everything was just perfect.

The chief broker was Richard ... and (my) account manager was Paul De Jong (a Hollander) and since 1 march 2010 replaced by Jasper Houkes (also Hollander) who was replaced by Mark Brown in June 2011.

Before I had sent them mo money I have called them on +44 (0)20 7193 3651 and talked to them. So I didn't just passively wait for them to contact me.

I just cannot believe it's done. Just few days ago I had nice conversation with Mark Brown about how SAFE my investments are. I have asked him what would happen if they went bankrupt. He assured me that all investments would be covered by central bank.

Dear colleagues, I think that we urgently need to make a sort of general/common list of "investors" with contact names and amount of "invested" money and start the trail, at least submit it .

In the footer of their page is the following information:[/I]
FX ROOT Inc. Calle Ricardo J. Alvaro, Edificio Torre Cibeles, Apto/Local 1-b, Panama, Panama
Is authorized and regulated by Ministerio De Comercio E Industrias República De Panama
www.mici.gob.pa Nr: 2010-224845 Companies Identification Nr: 1838779-1-711628

greetings, komiks