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Fx-trend portfolio profit 6-8%

Discussion in 'Commercial Trade Journals' started by keldysh, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. keldysh

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    Good afternoon Dear Investors!
    I have been watching after PAMM-accounts for about 9 months, have been monitoring all the possible tricks, risks and the work of the great variety of brokers at the PAMM-accounts market. I stopped on the broker Forex Trend , he takes the leading position in the independent rating of the agency Masterforex

    The main criteria were :
    the term of living - 1 year,
    The maximum slump - 35%,
    The average profitability is not less than10%
    per month (5% for the investor)

    A decision to draw 30% from the personal bank deposit and to deposit it in this type of activity.

    My portfolio contains 3400$. I divided it as follows:

    Veronika 1000$
    Avas 1000$
    TP 500$
    Investobolin 500$
    AlexShuk 200$
    Sven 200$


    From my point of view this portfolio is the best up to date on correlation profitability/risks. The expected profitability is at the level of 80-120%. PAMM 2.0 the decision of not looking into was accepted.
    I will not refund this portfolio, the profit will not be shown during the next 6 months.
    Restructuring of the portfolio is due to be in the case if one of the traders will have more than 50% losses.
    I plan to fill up quarterly a deposit for 1000-1500$.

    The monitoring of the portfolio will be published weekly..

    More detailed information is here:

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