fxbeast.com is Scam


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Hi All,

I am the owner of "FMZ the EA" expert advisor. My EA is selling only trough mql5.com and my website financialmarlets.zone

I found this website fxbeast.com/category/expert-advisors they don`t have access to my system. They have copied the name and the description of my system offering it with lower price.

Probably the owners of the other systems also don`t have anything to do with them.

It is Scam be careful !
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I went to that site. It appears to be a pirate site. After poking around a little, my browser crashed. Like many pirate sites, I suspect the site itself as well as the software it sells comes with extra bonuses like viruses and other malware.

I recommend you find several other system sellers who are being ripped off this way. Then you can all file DMCA complaints with FxBeast's hosting site on the same day. It would also be good to all file complaints with each of their payments processors on the same day.