Fxcast scam alert

I write this scam alert :

İnternet connection too bad. to many connection out problem .
After a few monts didnt trade , My mt4 account disabled . they wanted to verify but i did it when i opened account in fxcast . They give me the link "http://www.surplus.mu/claim/" for upload docs. But IT IS NOT HTTPS:.... IT IS ONLY HTTP:.... THIS IS NOT SECURELY WAY FOR UPLOAD. However i made . Stil I am waiting waiting waiting their approving .

Keep away from fxcast . They are blocking accounts and keep your fund in company.

The verification was completed when i was opened account. You will see in the atachments my surplus and fxcast account status.


The docs upload completed 5 year ago

Don't count on it. Many brokers will let you open, deposit, and trade almost instantly. Docs only come up during the withdrawal process.
I see you . But third attachment you can see i completed that docs in jun 2008 . And Now they want me again my docs upload but another unsecurely link and another link which out their website.


Technically, they probably could request new docs after this much time. If you don't think the upload is secure, ask them for an address to mail photocopies to.