Fxcbs & fienex group scam


Dear Sir or Madam!

I was tricked by the company FXCBS.

They didn’t pay me the profit from two accounts in a overall amount of 115,283.00 €
From the first account 2212905 - replenishment 7985 € - profit 44,018 €
From the second account 2214047- replenishment 26,946 € - profit 36,264 €

When I got a good profit from the automated trading, they blocked my account and set it back to the initial amount, saying that the deal was not transmitted to the inter-bank

Company`s Notice

Message from the company

Von FXCBS Accounts Dept. accounts@fxcbs.com über smtp.com

An XXXXXXX (Ja, das ist Ihre Adresse.) Weitere Informationen

Datum 23. August 2011 17:57
Betreff FXCBS - Important Notice
Signiert durch smtp.com
Diese Nachricht ist vor allem aufgrund Ihrer Beteiligung an dieser Konversation wichtig.
Details ausblenden 23. Aug.

Dear Sir,

We regret to inform you that after investigating the discrepancies between your account and the liquidity provider,
we concluded that none of your orders was honoured by the bank since the 15th of August 2011. Therefore,
the account was rolled back to the same status as was on 14th of August 2011. You may now commence trading on your account.

We wish you successful trading.

Kind Regards,

FXCBS Accounts Dept.
FXCBS|Fienex Group


And the most suspicious and rude thing from their side was, that they cancelled all my deals, which I traded manually in 25 lots, where I should have made a huge profit. They didn’t give me any explanations, why they cancelled them. How is it possible that the manually traded deals are not transmitted to the inter-bank? It is absurd.
I wrote them by email, by skype, but I didn’t get any answer. They are just ignoring me.

My notice per email:

An compliance@fxcbs.com; finance@fxcbs.com

Datum 25. August 2011 15:55
Betreff Fwd: FXCBS - 2212905 Account Information
Gesendet von googlemail.com
Diese Nachricht ist vor allem wichtig, da sie direkt an Sie gesendet wurde.

Details ausblenden 25. Aug.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I send you all the reports from the 4/08/11 and would ask that hotem would you give to report missing money from the account ..........
Friday was a total and now another. Revoked all the manual trades that I gain by selling a good advantage, and in return received
cheap letter from you about the cancellation. Tak works ECN or broker. But do not tolco with my accounts but still with two.



It was the only response from them. The remaining letters are not answered.


Von FXCBS Finance Dept. finance@fxcbs.com über smtp.com

Datum 24. August 2011 12:21
Betreff RE: 2212905
Signiert durch smtp.com
Details ausblenden 24. Aug.

Dear Sir,


Current balance in your account 2212905 is EUR 7,254.06

Please confirm your withdrawal amount enabling us to proceed with the request.
Kindly feel free to email if incase of any query.

We will be pleased to be of any further assistance to you.

Assuring you our Best and Personalized Services.

Wishing you a great day ahead.

Thanking you and with kind regards,

FXCBS Finance Dept.

Fienex Group

I appeal to all those who would like to work with them. Avoid those crooks, it concerns especially the people who want to make a good profit.
They will put all their efforts in order not to let you through to the inter-bank when you start losing your money.
Those crooks should be punished, they have nothing to do on this market. Because it is a an arrogant, greedy and rude broker, which is trying to do everything to cheat you.

I hope they will get what they deserve.

I attach all the evidences.

Best regards



AthenaFx Representative
If you loose then you will find nobody telling you that your orders were not transmitted to the inter bank market and your account won't be restored.

However if you win then they will provide you with such laughable excuses.

This is typical from bucket shops.

You have to understand that many of them would like you to think that they are brokers.

BUT they are not. Their goal is to get customers money and keep it forever.

Take a look at the fxcbs web site. I was unable to find any real address.

How could you send so much money to these people ?

Keep insisting on getting back your money including profits.

Try to find who they are and where they are.

File a case at FPA.

and also read this : http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/4974/www.fxcbs.com


How did you decide to become a client?

Did you do any due diligence?

I have had a look at the website and it is very basic!

There is not a physical address showing as far as I can see and it looks as though they are unregulated.

With these two critical items missing, I would play safe and stay well clear of anybody offering forex brokerage sevices.

Even regulated brokers in the top jurisdictions can sometimes be dodgy, so using an unregulated broker sure is high risk.

The scammer brokers mostly seem to work the same fraud using dodgy TOS!

The more decent of them let you trade, make lots of profit and then rob all the profits but leave you your initial deposit.

The really bad ones, actually do a runner with the whole lot.

Scammer forex brokers are always going to be an ongoing problem, which with the FPA fighting the trader's corner, will at worst stop them from hurting others and at best get some of them sent to where they belong - PRISON!


Here are some more files about this.

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