Fxch = Scam


Sorry for my english, i translate by Google.
I opened an account with FXCH October 7, 2009 and I sent $ 2,000 with credit card from the website (Whom I have sent?).
I noticed that:
- There are differences between demo account and live account;
- Live account within your volumes are very low;
- The minimum is not 0.10 but 1.00 lot;
- to 4 cross the minimum is even> 1.00 lot (AUDNZD = min 4.5 lot (instead of 0.10 ???); EURNZD = min 2.00 lot)
- Historical data full of holes, not to be used.
So unreliable broker, in addition to the negative reviews that I read in various forums.
Therefore, I have made any trade.
On November 3, 2009 I sent the form to close your account and receive 2000 USD - 20 USD for the closure (as signed form whitdrawal) = 1980 USD.
The day after entering your account, I noticed that was not 2000 but 1820 usd.
I sent an email and they said that the closure of the account with a credit card was $ 100 and no $ 20, up 4%
payment fee by credit card = 80.
So according to them 2000-100-80 = 1820.
They told me that they have shipped, but I still have not received anything to date.
They replied that they sent to their bank to my e-mail to investigate.
It 'been nearly 1 month.
I no longer respond to e-mail;
not respond to anyone in the chat to their site.


FXCH Scam Confirmation


Unfortunately, I should have listened to the warnings from the reviews.
Now, after opening a real account with FXCH and I have lost 1000$ in 20 minutes.
I have encountered the following negative issues:
a. price spikes on real account vs demo account. I have the proof, see attached picture.
b. orders executed with lot 1 lot size, even if in my EA I have set 0.1 lot size--> this has brought me huge losses.
c. for closing orders, 2 confirmation check boxes opened, so I have lost time and price moved against me rapidly
d. information contradictory on fxch.com site regarding the spread: in one section 1 pip fix spread is advertised, in other section 2 pips spread is mentioned
e. live chat is available only randomly, and they totally lie- I was assured that there is no difference between real and demo account, but I am the living proof IT IS A LIE.
f. They claim to be prime member of EUEDEX, which is a company from Moldova Republic, which is non EU country, well known for its level of corruption.
g. Contact phone from Dominic Republic does not work.
h. At the English contact phone answers one person who barely speaks an English with strong Russian accent.

My conclusion: there is nothing Swiss about this co called 'broker', they are just another SCAM! Stay away if you want to keep your money intact!




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