Jason Rogers

FXCM Representative

I am from indonesia I had account in fxcm my account was opened at 23/5/2017 it was working fine but now suddenly i recieved email from complianceinfo@fxcm.com on 18/8/2018 that they are terminating my account and asked them emailed them what is the reason they are terminating my account but they answered me that whenever we want we can terminate your account it is in our policy but still they didnt gave me any valid reason why my account has been terminated and i tried to live chat with them the customer service had answered me they cant give me any information only complianceinfo will answer me in email. Now i am totally confused what is going on with my account i want forex peace army to find solution .

Account = 96051322
fxcm USDReal4

Thank you.
Hi Eagle eye,

Thank you for choosing FXCM, and I am sorry we are no longer able to service your account. If an account is terminated, then only our compliance department can help with questions and there's not much I can do unfortunately. You should have also received regarding withdrawing funds so we can return any account balance back to you.


Eagle eye

Back to you now "Eagle eye".
Thank you mr Irwani for your support.
I dont know what to say mr jason my problem was i wanted to know why it is terminated you dont have any answer what can i say now . Anyways i had opened my new account in other broker their service is good .

Eagle eye.


I am trading since from 2009 with fxcm the best broker but they are not good with IB they will stop rebit commission if we not give clients regularly