Banned spammer and employee of FxGlory
Hello Users
I have opened an account in this broker.
their website is under development therefore i deposited manually to their account.
they have a good supporting team because quickly after deposition they charged my account and i started my trading.
their platform is good, like other brokers.
i am satisfied with their services until now.
is there any body else who used their services?


I had used lot of brokers yet, i judge brokers with haw to response withdraw requests usually, honestly some of them get out from my list quickly. but this broker show itself trustable & quick in this issue.
As my tests wouldn't finished easily, w8 for my next reviews.
have Fun & earn money guys


how about liberty reserve deposit issue? is fxglory make any decision about withdrawal?


hello, Glory please answer my email.
my account:
Real Account : 19657
why banned..? and what the reason...?
and why I just want wd my initial deposit can'nt do it...?
you could remove my bonus or my profit, but not stolen my initial deposit. it's my money.
if you not back my initial deposit, it's mean you are stolen my money... it's more than scam other broker.

Ebrahim Hassan

they 're scammers on the fourth of august 2014 i decide to deposit my account with (1216$) they put (608$) as bonus 50% also they put (220$) as first deposit promotion
i traded on GBP/USD buying an i lost all of them
i deposit 1500$ and take 750$ as 50% bonus
i traded on GBP/USD selling full margin
i host them all
i deposit 2000$ and take 1000$ as 50% bonus
i traded on GBP/USD BUYING by 6 standard lot
i make profit in this trade (2229.90$)
the balance become 4169.90
i withdraw 2229$
and traded on EUR/UsD ALSO BY 6 STANDARD LOT
and also the trades makes the profit and my balance without bonus became
(4154.11$) i made a withdrawal request here is the problem they reject the request and sent an e mail to me (Dear client,According to our bonus rules, your profit has been removed and your account has been disabled.You can withdraw the initial deposit. Please, note: the deposit and withdrawal methods must be same.Thank you.)they change all rules to be in their benefit they 're scammers


Accepting USA customers +1
Accepting paypal +1
50% bonus +1
1:3000 Leverage +1
Great customer support +1

There are all "Pros" i have experienced with them since I've created a real account.I want to say that they are one of the best I have came across in my 3 years of trading. BEST OF THE BEST .


My first time dealing with this broker, I have profit, but when I make a withdrawal, they steal all the money my profits with the reason they do not allow transactions with Scapling and trade orders must be hold more than 5 minutes. I agree with their provisions. Then I continue trading and lost all my money.

I continue to escrow and transaction, this time I continued to profit from my trading and meet all the conditions of FXGlory transaction.

But again they steal all the money returns, I contacted them to find out why and they told me that my trading orders illegal.

I asked them to show me proof that illegal they say from my account while I traded meet their conditions.

FXgolry not specify the cause when I asked, they were arbitrarily closed my account and sent me an email with the content:

*'' Dear Client,
As I checked, you were using illegal trading method. That is why của profit was unaligned.
You have của initial deposit, $ 300 trên balance now. Decision theo board, you can withdraw it after 180 days. (29/10/2015) "

I will enclose my report deals with this broker.
Brokers FXGlory a brown island, I hope in the members and administrators employed in this forum for me and accuse brokers so they do not have the opportunity scam other investors.
I would like to thank!