Fxglory scam.remove profit from trade

cheah kun pei

this scam happen when i tried to withdraw my profit from my account,they removed the profit that i earned and deemed that this is no enough balance for me to withdraw.This company removed the profit that i earned during the important news which i set pending order 10-15 minutes before the news which they set in their rules that no pending order will accept 5 minutes before the important news.They accepted my order and let me take profit and now they deemed that i cannot do that and asked me to pay back the losses.this is unreasonable and ridiculous.This is a scam,totally a scam.Besides that the price during the important news skip alot of prices and in an empty bar.


First, IMMEDIATELY take a screenshot of the terms of service with that 5 minute limit on placing pending orders. They could change it, so grab the evidence now.

Once you have that, reply here, attach the screenshot to the post, and then invite FxGlory to join the discussion and explain what happened.