FXGRANT is a SCAM and do not have any office.

In the mean time If they are in UK I may be able to trace them.i will look in to it.
BAFin will be useless here.
The broker is not regulated in Germany, . . . If BAFin could have been of any use, I would have mentioned them in my post above.

It is because they are not regulated in Germany, and perpetrating a fraud via certain activities located there that BAFin, through their Bank Regulation responsibility, can assess and place them on the Unauthorized List. It important to make these reports to close the noose on operators like this.
In addition, I inferred from your remarks, that you are in Germany or perhaps Ravi is? If so, even more reason to make the Financial Regulators aware, so they address these matters as they develop new law governing FX. Such reports can become a part of the police report, as well.
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Yes, i personally visited the place and had taken photos in my camera.
It is a 1-story building, they have “High faith Christian center” in the ground floor and some film office in the first floor.
I tried calling them many times, but the call always goes to voice mail.
I am back to India now, but I frequently travel due to work related activity, I might be visiting London again end of this year, will ensure to file a complaint with London Metropolitan Police.
I also tried talking to moneybookers thru whom I had transferred funds, to find what address they have in their records for fxgrant, but they refused to share the information.
I believe once I give all the proofs to the police there, they should be able to talk to moneybookers/paypal etc to find their real address.

Ravi, it is unfortunate that you were a victim of fraud. As stated elsewhere, the prima facie evidence is sufficient to establish a case of fraud and duping. With the evidence you have you have I would suggest you to please document it and submit to the police. Due to the Broker being unregulated a regulatory authority may not take up the issue, but that does not stop the police from investigating a fraud and scam artists. Please also let the Moneybookers know that they will also be included as a part of investigation if they will not be in a position to reveal the details of Fxgrant as they too are custodians and facilitate the attempts to commit fraud. I would suggest you to submit your complaint with the Police as soon as possible so that it does not get delayed for action.

Meanwhile, you have my vote against the Scammer.
Ravi, here is the link for you. Contact them
Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
Please fill online reporting form as i mentioned above.Once FSA issues a warning then FPA Admin can copy the warning to Forex Broker Review page.Your action will prevent FXGRANT's easy ride