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General discussions of a financial company
Instructional Booklet Help

I just purchased the software and when I contacted them for the instructional booklet they keep telling me it was sent.

I have the software downloaded and in my expert and library folders.

I don't know what is wrong maybe my software is not allowing it to come through my e mails.

Could someone please send or post the booklet for the Xtreme EUR/GBPv2 so I could set up my software and begin some testing.

Thanks in Advance,

P.S. I'm a newbie here and hope to be able to contribute.

hi u can reply to their email in which u got ur EA but didnt got ur manual and can tell them please try to find manual in this email and then send u back again.
Managed account doubt

Hi FPA and great forum

The revision is about managed account but all the people speak about the robots. Somebody has a experience with FXGCT Rocket forex fund (managed account)?

My problem is because it must be open with a single broker, and this broker has three types of accounts (3pip-2pip-and 1pip spread respectivelly)

I guess that those awesome results are achieved with the 1pip spread account, but one can start from 5000$ and with this volume one get the 3pip account.... if the strategy is scalping the results can vary reasonably

Has anybody proven FXGCT Rocket forex fund with miniaccount?

Thanks again to FPA and to FXGCT (I have no rated them but I trust) and to all FPA readers
I second the question precisely as far as their managed account is concerned. They have nice results presented but I am not sure whether they are trustworthy - why would they choose the law of Belize as governing the contract between customers and them?
Struck off.....

Just been checking these guys out and they seem to be on a struck off list in Belize from 2010..

Not sure Exactly what that means but it does not sound good. I have send them and email for an update on there status and have not gotten a reply as yet (only a day ago).

I guess I'm asking who is still customers of their's and to see if they are in fact still around.

Let me know if anyone has any extra info...

Account opening balance: $4900
Current balance: $3008
Current equity: $2230

All in one week.

They are also ignoring my emails to halt trading so that I can revoke their LPOA. TDFX is also at fault for this since they require all positions closed to revoke the LPOA. What about in my situation, TDFX? They are keeping positions open and not allowing me to send in the revocation form.

Worst managed account service ever.