Fxopen.com reaches new heights. Blocking withdrawals methods without notification.


I have posted previously of the poor quality of spreads of Fxopen.com and the "dramatic" rollovers with them.
They did offer some moderate compensation last year on that issue.
Over the past year though they have started arbitarily blocking withdrawal options without notification. And the site information and clients agreement provide misleading information.
Essentially it is not possible to withdraw anything from them. I feel it may well be arbitary towards me.
I have offered settling the dispute by transferring my peak equity (approx. 6000 euro) since the blockage through a final SEPA transfer and then closing my account. But of course they really appear unable to process any withdrawals, other than offering me to move the money to moneybookers which would not then process the withdrawals to my bank account, but will charge fees.
Listed option at Fxopen.com

1 Debit card withdrawal (not working)
2. SEPA transfer (not working)
3. EPAY (not working)
4. Airtm (not working, and thanks god, up to 30% loss of value considering their fees and exchange rates)
5. Webmoney (money on the web only not working with any decent bank, deifinitely not with my banks, fancy taxes and exchange rates, up to 20% loss of value)
6. Fasapay ( not working with my banks)
7. Perfect money (not working with my banks)
8. Advcash (not working with my banks for withdrawals, only for deposits, up to 15% loss of value to fees and exchange rates).

I stress on the fact that the information on the availability of the above and the rapid changes between them is not announced on the fxopen.com site, which is actually still listing the above as valid options.


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Just wanted to add for the sake of completeness. That since the events of last Thursday (three business days). I have not received any formal response to my tickets. I was also lied to several times that there will be a formal response for them.
Of course the official knowledgebase and terms and conditions still quote debit card and SEPA as valid deposit/withdrawal options.