this broker charge so high when you deposit..i deposit 203usd and only get 194usd to start trading..i think this is only broker those charge from thier custumer..first you deposit your fund,firstly you become regret because wrong choosen broker,..when make withdrawal they will charge you again..there more broker outside there that can give a better for a trader..i only have 1 day trade with optimax and make decicision to get out from them..


Every one watch out fxoptimax is big problem for ib and traders after I opened my pamm they tell me that they dont give rebates to pamm although they promised me 0.7 pips on trade of all my customers and then when my customers wanted to withdrawal there money they took huge time in account verfication this is a terrible company watch out

look at what they sent me after my clients started trading and closed there accounts there telling me they where one person although they there id there only one family

(Furthermore, we also noticed several points, proofing a breach of the RA Agreement, indicating your account and all of your clients are owned by the same person, which is for sure violating the term and condition as a good Referring Agent.)