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FxPowerCube - Consistent Gains - 371 pips in 4 weeks

Discussion in 'Services Offered' started by FxPowerCube, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Jun 10, 2011
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    FxPowerCube gains 371 pips during its first four week of trading.

    Equity up 15%

    Total trades - 35 winners. 22 winning and 14 losing trade.

    The reliability of the system was put to test during these tough weeks and also during several major news releases. FxPowerCube's fantastic trade management ensured locking-in of several small gains and while at the same time allowing the EA to maximize profits on some good moves.

    FxPowerCube integrates the power of Point & Figure, Fibonacci and Scalping methods generating some of the most reliable entry points. The EA has built in trade and money management system that takes over the trade once it is open. Profits are locked in at appropriate levels while at the same time giving the trade enough room to maximize gains.

    The EA's trading strategy assures you of a success rate of over 70% and has the potential to deliver over 150% per annum with a very low drawdown of about 15%. Traders can enhance the returns further by increasing lot sizes as per their risk appetite.

    MyFxBook strategy reports with different risk levels are available on our website. You can also study the detailed trade setup charts on the FxPowerCube trading strategy page (Welcome to the FxPowerCube).

    Buy Now and avail the special introductory discount of 35%.

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