Fxprimus Burned my live Account


After the late reply from the FXprimus Regulator which i thought that they will help,
and luckily they slipped on the question which i asked several times about the account while it was running how much was left:

I will comment on what Fxprimus step by step to show you what they are lieing about.

1- Fully Hedged accounts are 100% protected, well ok 0.12 Lots was only opened on my Account, the 1st of May at the time it happened there was about 1000$ left before they burned it, so on 1000$ with 0.12 lots we need a 600 pips movement,

- And suddenly i found my account with - 50028$
- The Number of what was left as u replied in the E-mail: (You had already accumulated a floating loss amounting to USD 49,161.79 on 30 April 2013.)
- Attached is my Balance when they Burned it -50028.90$

So 50028.90$ - 49161.79$ = 867$

So where in the world is 867$ ?

Am i asking only for the 867$ Answer is simply NO,

I mentioned before that i Ran my account with a higher DD and Open lots of over 1 Lot and was left 123$ & another time 167$ this took place when i was cutting Losses in profits, They talk about Margin Level of 30% which i never reached even when my account was running very low on 123$ and 167$ prove is in Picture 2 & 3 for you to see and believe Check Margin Level & Margin so u will have a great Idea of the opened lots & the Margin was used,
In Attachment Number one if i had

Finaly i have been struggling a lot to get that number 49,161.79$ which their support never got back to with that number, not only this, if u read the whole e-mails between me & them with every time a different lie, which is very clear to see and understand what is really going on.
1 - Live account Auditing.jpg
2 - Screenshot_2013-04-26-17-16-46 (1) Margin Level with around 1K was 193%.png
3 - Screenshot_2013-04-26-18-04-18.png
Best Regards.