FXPRO.COM-Unreasonable failure to return account funds


On 1/28/09, I requested a withdrawal to my credit card with FXPRO.COM which was declined. On 1/30/09, in a chat with them, they requested I resubmit the withdrawal request via bank wire, which I did. This was subsequetly also declined by them. On 2/04/09, their accounting department requested I submit the withdrawal request as a paypal withdrawal, which I did and it was immediately posted as "not processed" in my account. Fraud investigation request sent to Cyprus SEC today and scam ticket opened on this site. Documentation follows.

2009-02-04 13:26:10 WITHDRAW PAYPAL USD 5000.0000 NOT PROCESSED
2009-02-04 11:55:59 WITHDRAW PAYPAL USD 5000.0000 NOT PROCESSED
2009-02-04 11:55:24 WITHDRAW PAYPAL USD 5000.0000 NOT PROCESSED
2009-02-04 11:54:43 WITHDRAW PAYPAL USD 5000.0000 NOT PROCESSED
2009-02-04 11:53:56 WITHDRAW PAYPAL USD 5000.0000 NOT PROCESSED
2009-01-30 12:15:31 WITHDRAW BANK TRANSFER USD 21525.5600
2009-01-29 12:07:00 WITHDRAW CREDIT/DEBIT CARD USD 2200.0000 DECLINED
2009-01-28 11:22:29 WITHDRAW CREDIT/DEBIT CARD USD 2200.0000 DECLINED

Chat (1/30/09)

Chat Transcript
info: Thank you for contacting FxPro Live-support.
info: You are now chatting with 'Lorraine', May i have your FxPro account number please?
you: 123349
Lorraine: hi
you: I had a withdrawal request declined for the following stated reason: *Reached maximum amount of deposits by this card.*
you: What does this mean & why was the request declined.
Lorraine: You have withdrawn all the deposits you have made from your card, please submit further withdrawal requests by wire transfer
you: OK. So a withdrawal request for the remainder will be honored?!
you: Are you there??
Lorraine: please submit the request to withdraw by bank wire
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to aaron.cohn@alumni.rice.edu at the end of your chat.
you: OK. Thanks.
you: Bye.

Email (2/4/09):

Dear Mr Cohn

Thank you for your email.

We appologise for any misunderstanding in this issue, please note that your bank wire withdrawal request was declined on the 30th of january and the reason cited was “please withdraw by Paypal” and an email notification was sent to your registered trading account email address at the time.

I can see from your account history that you deposited 3 transactions of $4995 and one transaction of $4879.70 by Paypal in mid December and these transactions should be withdrawn using Paypal. Please submit your withdrawal requests in sets of up to 5000$ via Paypal due to that being the transaction amount limit per transaction.

Your entire balance may be withdrawn by Paypal if you wish or alternatively you may withdraw the surplus by bank wire transfer after the Paypal deposits have been withdrawn.

In future, for security reasons and in order to avoid delays in identifying your account please always ensure to email us from your registered trading account email address when emailing us regarding your aco****s.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Kindest regards,

Alison Raphael

Accounting Supervisor


FXPRO-How is your withdrawal now?

How is your withdrawal now? Successful or not? Please let us know. Thanks ;)
Have you already tryed to contac them by phone? sometimes problems like these can be solved faster when you talk person to person, or at least you should try...the telephone n. is +357 25 969 200

Keep this thread updated...



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Ah Oh!

If this pans out to be an actual withdrawal denial-It would be the 1st one I have heard of. Please keep us all informed ASAP. They are my last hope I'm afraid. And if it is true-We will "get em" for sure !


FXPRO.COM - I would like to proceed with funding my account

Hey, ernest8fingers, it seems that aicohn has disappeared or does not want to answer. What is your experience with FXPRO.COM (different from FX-PRO.COM)? I would really like to get an answer since I want to proceed with funding my account which is already opened. Thanks!


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they are scam!!!

hii all
i had also an account there! i also requested a with draw, and every time they decliend it! They asked every time for new documents. They even asked for a document from a local police station! Crazy! They disagreed my withdraw! Iwarned them with FPA scam resolvations etc! Then after 20 or 30 emails they withdrawed my Money! SCAM !!!Beware from them !


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never any problem

They were always weird about withdrawals but NEVER failed to honor one. I have'nt placed a withdrawal request since early May 2009 and these 2 posts above me give me concern. I am curious how much they were requesting?:unhappy:



This question is for "prince0179". Are you sure you are talking about FXPRO.COM and not about FX-PRO.COM? They are two very different brokers with a similar web address. I have done further research on FXPRO.COM and I am unable to find anything truly disturbing on them. On the other hand, there are plenty of complaints about FX-PRO.COM. So please clarify. Thank you!!