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Discuss FxSalt.com

General discussions of a financial company
Sean Carl Bundock.
This man posed as a builder in the UK before becoming a financial "Expert". He walked away from a building contract with over £50,000 PLUS £4000 obtained by deceit. It cost a young family a further £65000 to fix the sickening and life-threatening mess left by his "team". He then ran off to New Zealand where he attempted the same sickening scams, before becoming a "financial expert " with FxSalt in South Africa and Poland.
We understand he has ceased trading with FxSalt. But where has all the money gone?

We have exposed this man on our website www.cowboytrap.co.uk with links to our facebook pages and a tv film on YouTube.

We receive many messages from people around the world who have suffered from this man's greed and lack of conscience.
He has cost this young family their pension, plus loans from close family which are difficult for them to repay.