FXTM Launches A Series of Forex Webinars!


ForexTime.com representative
Forex Time (FXTM) is pleased to announce the launch of its much anticipated forex webinar series commencing on April 23rd 2014. The series of free webinars hosted by a forex industry expert will cover a wide spectrum of trading topics which can be enjoyed from any location around the world.


How Do Webinars Work?

Webinars are online events whereby attendees from all over the world can gather virtually to view and listen to the speaker's presentation on their PC or laptop. Attendees are able to type questions to the speaker who can then choose to answer them for the benefit of the entire group.

What is the First Webinar About?

FXTM's first webinar "Forex 101" provides attendees with an introduction to the basics of forex trading. Covering topics such as understanding the bid, ask, spread, pip, majors, crosses, exotics and leverage, the webinar provides an ideal opportunity to gain valuable forex knowledge. The webinars will be interactive with opportunities for attendees to ask questions on the session topics as they progress.

Who Should Attend?

The forex webinars are open to anyone and are free to attend. Attendees may include forex beginners, professional traders, portfolio managers, introducing brokers, finance professionals or those who are just interested in learning about the financial markets.

How Should You Attend?

Register now at www.forextime.com/forex-beginners/webinars
Join the first webinar at 15:30 on April 23rd - you may find it helpful to have a notepad and pen handy
Sit back and learn in the comfort of your home or office

As a leading international broker, FXTM places a firm emphasis on education and clients are invited to attend any or all of the upcoming webinars regardless of their trading experience. The series of webinars will encompass a variety of forex topics over the upcoming months which FXTM hopes will provide clients with a market edge.