Hello I do like to share live trading experience with FXTM Fraud broker ,Mt4 account no ;2524290
they manipulate your trades in very cunning way, So below i have attached my complete trade history & Mt4 chart
First, invite FXTM to come and join this thread. Send them the link and ask them to come here and explain what is going on.
Lt. Colonel I have chatted with online support dicussed the issue again, details are below
Hello I do like to share live trading experience with FXTM Fraud broker ,Mt4 account no ;2524290
they manipulate your trades in very cunning way, So below i have attached my complete trade history & Mt4 chart

Dear Harish C,

FXTM prides itself on being very transparent and honest with their clients and you may also visit the Company’s website to view the performance statistics with respect to speed of execution,slippage and requotes as these are verified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) an independent Audit Firm. During big trading events, the markets are highly volatile and can cause significant increase of spreads, increased slippage, and order execution speed may take longer than usual. We provide sufficient disclaimers on our website and emails informing our clients of this fact.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Please see below the email we have previously sent you with ticket number 2016100710001786, receiving no response from your end. Thank you.


Further to your email below and the enquiry included therein as regards your order number #1015653659 of your trading account #2524290; our team has carefully investigated your query and concluded with the following:

Please note that your position was closed by Stop Loss got slipped during the abnormal market conditions.

Please note that GBP-based instruments was under strong pressure during last days.

Please be informed that this night, because of a very low liquidity GBP pairs have experienced drastic price movements on those instruments.

Please note that abnormal market conditions may be accompanied the following:

  • Significant increase of spreads;
  • Increased slippage;
  • Order execution speed may take longer than usual.
In the event of any dispute, our Server Log File is deemed to provide the most reliable source of information and has absolute priority in any assessment of a particular trade.

We trust that the matter of your email below has been dealt with. If you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Service Manager or our Customer Support.

Kind regards,

Eric - Official Representative of FXTM
Again inappropriate answer , do above charts lie about price action. And do the automatic generated trade history daily email statement lie. every thing about scam is clear in the above snaps. further nothing else i do have to comment , may god show grace on small traders.
I think that this cannot be classified as a scam.
You just could send a notice to FXTM to cancel the deal. They will firstly check how it has been executed, whether everything is normal with the liquidity they receive and send you an answer.
Problems always happen.

Here's a chart from another broker:

It seems that they must check the logs from their side immediately.
ok, according to you the above chart indicates the price action , then my buy stop trade at 1.27931 on 7 oct 2016 was not suppose
And above two chart snaps which i have posted, are from fxtm only, how is it possible that candelstick in a chart get manipulated after few days.