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Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by Well behaved traader, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Well behaved traader

    Oct 25, 2012
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    Having learned to trade profitably over the past 13 years I can recognise rubbish forex trading software.
    I recently examined and tested "Forex-Trade Advisor II from the Company identified above. Their website is peppered with misleading descriptions and fallacious claims, some of which I have detailed below.
    1. The vendors website for FX-Advisor II states that their product will work on any Meta Trader 4 platform yet conspicuously failed to install Wall Street, US CRUDE, US light oil, DAX Futures, Natural gas or any of the markets I trade on any of the three MT4 Platforms on my computer and it was on the third day after my purchase and after over an hour of experimentation on a Meta Trader 4 provider of the vendors own choosing that the vendor who was in full control of the computer by remote control managed to upload the required Futures markets.
    2. The vendors marketing website states ..” one click fast installation whereas in fact the clicks required are;
    3. (A) Click Start
    4. (b) Click My Computer,
    5. (C ) Click Local disc (C ):
    6. (D) Click Downloads locate an MT4 platform which will accept the vendors software, click drag and drop the Vendors product download into this MT4 folder and carefully close each of these windows as you retrace each of these five steps.
    7. The vendors website states “type any symbol into the symbol box”. On the 18th October I asked the vendor for instructions on how to accomplish this, it is now 28th October and no instructions have been received.
    8. The vendors marketing website features a live chat facility, 5 hours and 27 minutes later there was still no response.
    9. Here is another quote from this vendors website for FX-Trade AdvisorII quote “…you will be making more money than any average job. “ unquote. Another totally wreckless, irresponsible and misleading claim.
    10. Here is yet another statement from the website “ Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed”
    11. I could continue but I think you already have more than enough to go on. If the above are not misleading descriptions then I do not know what is, you decide.

    I paper traded their signals as directed for a couple of weeks and the sum of the losing trades exceeded the sum of the winning trades, ergo, it loses money
    Whenever yo see a forex software vendor guaranteeing 1oo% success, RUN !
    These online vendors and their products are best avoided as you will regret parting with their $549.00 asking price. I do not believe that the product is capable of recovering its first cost and the longer you stick with it, the higher your losses will stack up.
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