FXTrading.com offer. Too good to be true?


This is an e-mail I just received Let me state up front that I have not checked out the company below. However, following the principle of if it sounds too good to be true...

FXTrading.com is pleased to announce:
1 PIP Fixed Spreads on ALL USD Majors*
Customizable spreads on other pairs*
Up to 500:1 leverage
Free demo account
Lower account minimum Start LIVE with only $250.
Improved customer support
Toll Free 800.960.8020
Direct/Intl +1.781.440.0092

FX Trading has been providing accurate, quick, and reliable FOREX services to clients since 2001. Our team of investment professionals, technical traders, and support staff have helped clients transition to our cheaper and reliable trading platform making the experience seamless and accurate.

*EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD. Need a tighter spread on a different pair? Please call us at 800.960.8020 toll free or direct/International calls +1.781.440.0092.


The true interbank spread is often over 1 pip on major pairs. The broker has to make money somehow.

I'd wager that you would experience a bunch of requotes and slippage.


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Here is a quote from their web page:

FX Trading, Corp. is a marketing company and is not a Clearing firm or an Introducing Broker. We market for the forex/FX market place in order to bring news, quotes and information on foreign exchange trading to consumers.

You try to contact them by clicking on the link - you get exactly NO info.

A company that does not disclose it's office address and/or place of business is not something I would consider to partner up with