G7FX NV Nirav Neerav Vadera Exposed as a Scammer Fake Guru


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I cannot tell if you are being serious or sarcastic with your first paragraph but given that your last posts show you also agree NV is a scammer, i guess we are on the same side. And no, there is no ManzilFX course yet. I am still trying to research and see whose content I can steal and sell as my own for big bucks ;)


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deejaynv Adventures - Excel Edition

Some more adventures of deejaynv found on the internet. We have proven that deejaynv is the username NV's used in the past and still uses today. This helps us build up a timeline as to what this scammer has been up to in the past.

So here, we see this institutional trader in 2015, asking for help in sorting out some data in an excel file. Nothing wrong with asking for help, but its fishy because:

  1. He says he has left "work"
  2. The contents of the excel file appear to be related to sorting hotel reservations or something similar.

Why is an independent institutional trader "working" somewhere and sorting out reservations? Is he working at a hotel?

Did scam money run out and he got a normal job? You might say speculation but given that we have proven he is a scammer, this just fits into that theory nicely. Just showing you the facts, you make up your own mind.





And as I have explained in post #9 in this review, how we can look at the metadata of the file (using metadata2go.com) to see who owned/modified it. You can use the same process to check the details of filev2.xlsx to see it was Mr Neerav Vadera who created it.

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It is proven that NV the scammer was a trainee in SMB Capital in 2019/2020. As confirmed by SMB Capital below:


This is where he stole the Market Profile merges, building composites etc from. See how similar the charts are below. I have seen the SMB Futures training program and the similarities are remarkable. The Market Profiles are IDENTICAL, they teach the exact same merging techniques.

So NV the scammer stole the Content/VWAPS etc from leprivatebanker and copied the Market Profile sections from SMB futures, where he was a trainee. Nasty Scammer.

SMB Capital Training Course:



NV Trainee Course



For anyone new reading this, also go through the following reviews on G7FX. People have put in some serious effort to warn you. You owe it to yourself to do some research before spending thousands on a Fake Guru.

Enough has been said in reviews above and shown with proof to put some serious doubt in your mind about NV the scammer. I am not his competitor, have nothing to gain by defaming him, you can check my Insta and other posts about exposing other fake gurus. I hate scammers, hence this post to hopefully warn someone in the future.

NV has spent so much time, planning, resources and effort on creating a 15-hour course which could be a 3-hour course if it was not for his useless rambling, websites, mentoring programs, challenges, Instagram posts, heavy social media marketing etc, its probably the best I have seen in an effort to con people, so he deserves this big post. He does all that and still apparently finds time to trade. I am not as gifted so this review has been in the works for a very long time, as unlike NV, I do have a life.

I bought this course last year and genuinely believed he was a legit trader. I did the foundation course and found it refreshing. I even posted about it on my Instagram page. The concepts of Market Profile, VWAP etc were new to me as I was coming from an FX background. I discovered later that the concepts are not new, the knowledge is out there, you can find it on youtube and other online forums. I initially found "value" in them as it was the first time I came across it. Just as technical analysis, fibs, indicators, price action may be mind-blowing for someone jumping into FX for the first time, the concept of Market Profile, VWAP, Composite, VPOC etc will be fascinating to newbies but well known to those who have read about it before.

But the "value" for me, what was making the course fee worth it was NV's genuine trading background, years of work experience for top institutions, custom-built tools/charts, etc. This industry is full of scammers, so forget the results, here we had a genuine trader teaching us the ways professionals do it. If you take this background away, or it turns out to be a lie, then NV is yet another fake guru, just a bloke doing commentary on some (copied/stolen) content. Tell you what, that's exactly what it is. NV is a nasty scammer providing commentary on stolen content at the same time telling lies about his past. You can go through the links above or see a summary below. Make up your own mind.

  1. It is proven that he appeared on Forex Factory in 2013 claiming to be an ex Barclays trader going solo for 4 years and focusing purely on the FX spot market now. It was revealed that he created multiple profiles and he was caught trying to pass off his demo account as real, on one of them. Also proven how he was trying to introduce others to a system with Elliot waves. Now, why would an institutional trader who bashes retail trading, focus purely on FX spot and get inspired by Elliot Waves? There is no mention of DOM, Market Profile, Composites etc. Did he not use these tools in Barclays or discover them later? Smell something fishy?
  2. He says multiple times in the course that he worked for a top Prop firm after Barclays. There is no proof that he ever worked at a Proprietary trading firm. It was actually proven when SMB Capital themselves said that he was a TRAINEE last year, what a liar! The plot thickens...
  3. There is no proof of his Futures Trading results. Ever see him post results showing S&P 500 or Crude Oil which is what the whole course is about and which makes 95% of his portfolio? He has been seen arguing that "futures account cannot be audited". Well, they can. Just google it and see equivalent sites to myFxbook. Or how about a monthly statement from your broker showing futures trade history. Surely a broker can supply that. Nope, you won't find any. So trading a large Futures Account is a lie.
  4. It was proven that his Barclays experience was in non-trading roles so he was definitely not advising Central banks & Hedge Funds as he claims. So some more shady stuff.
  5. It is proven that his custom made DOM ladder that he spent ££££ on, was actually STOLEN from John Grady.
  6. It is proven that the claims of him watching/trading the DOM for years are false. His words "I did this DOM thing few years ago for a laugh (john grady), wanted to know if I could get into DOM. It is a great tool that requires alot of concentration. Kudos to those who have the skill (I don't)". So claims of him being a DOM wizard are a lie
  7. It is proven that his "personally developed sierra custom volume chart" is stolen from the leprivatebanker.com. The source codes are identical. Even the course content is stolen. The terms "cumulative delta", "value migration", "Line in the sand", "composites" are all used in the private bankers 2013 program. STOLEN CONTENT.
  8. It is proven that the Footprint tool that NV said was custom made and he spent ££££ to make it is actually the footprint from Order Flow Analytics. STOLEN CONTENT.
  9. A lot has been said about his MyFXBook. Whether it's claims that he opens multiple accounts, blowing most, and doubling one or that he has told some people that he needs the FX money so he closes at the end of the month, or the proven fact that his FX account size is a small 1K. Whatever the excuse, if he is a legit trader and FX makes 5% of his portfolio (as he says in the course), he shouldn't need this money to live on so why not keep the myFXbook going to show you can replicate results every month. Secondly, G7FX course is about S&P 500 (ES) and Crude Oil (CL) Trading, it does not teach FX. So showing a myFXbook or even discussing it is IRRELEVANT as you won't get to learn FX Trading from it. But he heavily advertises FX stats so he can pull people in to buy his course. More shady fake guru-type behaviour.
  10. It was proven that he photoshopped a picture of him standing in the New York Stock Exchange. Its not a joke, it was actually well done and fits the theme of him lying about his background. It was heavily used to promote himself on social media and also to advertise his mentoring program which he is now charging £3000 for an 8 week course. Yet another money making avenue for this scammer.
  11. It was proven that he manipulates myFXbook results. He deposited money into his FX account, which made his account jump by 100%. This resulted in a mismatch of Gain and Abs Gain values. He then makes a youtube video and advertises on social media heavily to show £140% returns. What a scammer!
  12. If you have been dealing with G7FX for a long time as I have, you would know the people who work there, by their Instagram IDs or by their names if they reply to your messages. I tried to contact and most of them have left G7FX. They won't say why or reveal inside stories but I am sure they left when they found out the truth. Now, why would they do that if they were not convinced he was a scammer? Who wouldn't want to work with a legit institutional trader? I do not know any of them personally but they have my respect for walking away and not being part of the scam anymore. They have ethics and a conscience. Which nasty NV lacks and continues to find new ways to scam people.

Hopefully the above has convinced you that NV is a scammer, a fraudster, a con artist and you will walk away thanking me and other posters for exposing him. You are welcome! If you are still here, continue reading for some more insights.

  1. All bad reviews on TrustPilot are deleted. Everything 5 star remains. No bad reviews, seriously? Which company out there do you know that has such a track record? He surely has hired someone to post fake reviews and delete bad ones. Worry not, a copy of this will also go on TrustPilot, and good luck to him for trying to remove it, I will make sure it stays most probably as the only 1-star review (He flags all bad reviews and asks for proof of purchase which I think most people cannot be bothered to provide but I am happy to do so).
  2. The guy never loses. Never shows a failing trade. If he is not in action on a given day, he is conveniently not trading as the markets are "rotational" or the conditions are not suitable or some important life event has come up. He is probably blowing accounts that day so cannot show the results but where is the transparency. Who wins all the time?
  3. His LinkedIn profile/CV contains the word N.V. instead of his full name, who calls themselves that professionally? Anyone can write anything on a LinkedIn profile, it's not verified. Do you see recommendations or endorsements from any renowned traders or organizations? Such an experienced trader is bound to have some you would think, no? It is just a means to pull wool over your eyes in an attempt to legitimize his fake credentials.
  4. It was proven that he partnered with QUANT FX, decided to create a new company and became Director of Quant GRP LTD but resigned shortly afterwards. I have nothing against QuantFX (I won't bash them as I have no proof of them doing anything shady or trying to scam people) and they are welcome to log in here and set the record straight, but why would an Institutional Trader partner with a Non-Institutional trading company who purely teach Technical Analysis which he hates. I bet there is a good backstory here as to why they went separate ways and I won't be surprised if it turns out that NV faked his background to start a joint venture with the other owner. Maybe they found out and kicked him out. So some more shady stuff.
  5. Pays so much money for advertising on all social media platforms. I have seen his ads everywhere. Gone are the days of silly videos of him hiding his face with a stupid mask. They are getting more snazzy. Clearly paying a company to professionally edit them with all the scam money he has made. If you make your bread by trading, double your account at will, you do not need to advertise so much to sell your courses. It's pathetic and cringe. Ever seen an advert for a Ferrari? Exactly! Why would you take the headache of selling courses, putting up with reviews like this, mentor people for 8 weeks, waste time making youtube/social media videos when you can just double your money sitting anywhere in the world. Unless you make more money selling courses/mentoring. Get it ?
  6. He is aware of all the FPA posts. He reads them. It bothers him. But he cannot do anything about it, although he is trying to find shady ways to do so. I can see his paid review sites ranking higher in search results now. The forexfactory results are moving down the page although FPA is unaffected for now. It's not beyond him to pay someone to do that.
  7. Since all these bad reviews have propped up, he got scared I think, and started this 25KChallenge to distract people. What utter nonsense is that? Even if there are 0 legit traders out there, and no one wins the challenge, how does that make him legit and everything above about him false? Only because he shows a myfxbook which has nothing to do with institutional trading? It's a joke really. The only good thing coming out of this would be if he actually donated to Charity. Don't hold your breath for that to happen though. Even if he did, its not his money, it's the money he scammed from others.
  8. So many people have reached out to me to tell me their experience and his history. I have so many other screenshots proving he is fake, proof of conversations of him doing dodgy stuff. A lot from now and some even in the past before he created G7FX. I won't circulate them as NV would find out who gave them to me and those people are concerned that given what a Nasty person he is, as he knows their personal details including family/work details, that its not beyond him to put them in trouble. Just shows you the type of person you are dealing with here. I mean look for yourself, in the detailed planning behind this elaborate scam.
  9. Lastly, I am surprised no one has reported him to FCA or organisations like ActionFraud. Would be interesting to know what they say. I will find out :) It won't be long before he shuts up shop and sails into the sunset with his hundreds of thousands of pounds of scammed money. Let's say 500 students paying £1K each and hundreds paying 3K for mentoring. You do the math. He has done well, hasn't he? Putting that business school knowledge to good use. in scamming people!
There you have it, folks. That's enough food for thought. It's your decision now. If you are still on the fence by reading all the above, then all I can say is may whoever you pray to be with you and guide you to the land of the sane people.

ManzilFX out
The Industry is filled out with so many scammers. Whom to believe? Did you find any legit guy with a legit track record who's providing a course/mentorship which is worth the value and time? Long story short, which one's the best course/mentorship out there according to you?


Hi ManzilFX,

Read through your post about how NV is a scam. I have seen a lot of his social media posts.

What I didn't understand or at least not clear to me is, are you warning people from spending whatever he's charging £798 for his courses which according to you are 'stolen materials' or the fact that he's not an official "ex institutional" trader and the courses are garbage?

Basically I am trying to understand who you are warning to stay away from NV.
1. New students trying to buy/take his course?
2. Students who already bought his courses, because his teaching is bad and will only result in losing money in the market?
3. Students who who already bought his courses but want to focus on FX but his courses are more Futures (ES & CL) focused?

The reason I am asking I simply because I know 2 people who bought his course and said it was good so far (they are not trading yet), they have also suggested I should consider buying it. So I just wanted to have a better understanding from your point of view.

As one of his ex students what did you think of the course and do you trade using his teaching whether in Futures or FX?

PS: If he is such a dodgy guy and scammed so many people why hasn't anyone reported him to FCA yet including you? Just curious.


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Hi xxfxx

I am just showing you the facts. You can make up your own mind. The warning is for everyone, but I like how you say I claim he is using "stolen materials". I think you are not convinced so it will be good to know what the evidence lacks that doesn't convince you ? Its very obvious to me.

It all comes to down to this, which side are you on after seeing this evidence. If you believe that his content is stolen, that his past/credentials are fake, his results are manipulated etc then he isn't a credible mentor and you should stay way. If you do not believe any of it, by all means buy the course and follow him as your mentor.

But to answer your questions:

(1) In my opinion, new students should definitely stay away.

(2) We have exposed his dodgy dealings in the past, we have proven that he makes money by selling courses/mentorships. There is nothing original in the course, all copied content with his commentary on top. If he cannot make money for himself by trading, how can he help you make money?
(3) Already proven in this review that he manipulates FX results, already proven that his FX trading style will only lead to you blowing accounts, the G7FX course does not teach FX anyway. Its a futures course. So if you are looking to become profitable in FX, this is definitely not the course for you to buy. NV the Scammer just uses his FX results to entice people to buy his futures course

Your friends saying "its good" without trading Demo or Live holds no meaning really. I mentioned this in my review too. If you are new to futures education, you will find value and say "its good" because (A) this stuff is new to you and (B) because it copied from good sources such as leprivatebanker and SMB Capital etc

Lastly on the reporting to FCA part, If he was providing Signals and Account Management etc (As he was in his G7FX Fund Days) then yes, we could report him. But NV does not provide Regulated Activities anymore neither is he in a role that needs regulatory approval. See FCA website below.


Hope that helps. All the best.


Hey ManzilFX,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and answering my questions, appreciate that.

With all due respect I am not doubting all your findings as I can imagine it took you hours to gather the evidence to warn people. I am sure many of the readers would high appreciate it.

When I said "stolen materials" I mean these days everyone is stealing from everyone and make it look as theirs (Youtube is full of those). Yes stealing other peoples material and post it as your 'own' for financial gains is horrible however, every story has two sides. Were you or anyone else able to contact NV for comments or perhaps people he worked with either at G7FX or Barclays or anywhere else? All I am saying is it would be good to hear from his/their point of view.

I agree with you, my friends saying it is "good" this is because they only knew of youtube retail traders videos and this was something "different/new/never seen or heard" for them so I can only imagine that's how everyone else who bought his course felt.

Obviously I have not bought the course yet and would definitely reconsider now after reading all these stuff.

Curious to know if anyone who took his course actually started to trade using his teachings and was either a failure or success.



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You are welcome. Yes, it took a long time to find/document this info so I am glad it was useful. If this info was available last year, most would've run a mile instead of buying the course. So those doing their research are fortunate to come across it and make an informed decision.

He is aware of these reviews. But what will he say? He has no answer as he knows he has been caught with pants down. He won't admit he is a cheat and a liar obviously. He does not answer anything directly. I have contacted him and he avoids getting into the details and provides the same copy-paste response you see on his trust pilot reviews.

and lastly, thats the thing. Its not HIS course. Its stolen stuff rebranded. So what's the need of knowing if it works or not. Think about it. If it worked and he could make 2 grand a day in Futures or make 60 - 200% returns in FX a month, would he really be selling courses and wasting his time on mentorships? Would you do that if you were that good? Most people wouldn't. Just sit on a beach and get filthy rich. And he is no saint to share this knowledge with you. The truth is, its the only way this scammer knows how to make money. I have shown with evidence how he has been at it for a decade. I mean how much more proof do you need :)


haha I actually would yes! well to be honest I always said once I am good enough (trading & investing) know and understand what I am doing I would give and teach my knowledge for free.

Here is my view, if I am making enough to take care of my family and cover monthly expenses and some % to save or reinvest, then I don't need to charge people £££ for courses. I am not greedy to make more (take take take), i am more of a giver I don't need to be millionaire or filthy rich.

So one day my information would be FREE!

Thank you though for your comments and findings, highly appreciate it.

take care mate!