Gabor Izsak ( is a scammer and crook

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Hello Member,

This is to notify you that Gábor Izsák (Vendor of FGT EA ) is a scammer. He gave us (ForexSourceCode Inc.) a copy of IlanEA to help him modify and he claimed the EA is his own. He told us he told a programmer to code it for him some times ago. To prevent people from knowing this he disabled comments from the myfxbook settings since thie comments shows ilan in his statement (first few weeks before changing it to FxGridtraderEA.).

Since we had no proof of it being a stolen copy of another EA, we had to proceed with our Joint Venture program which was set to a 50-50 percentage per sales. Gabor only need to give us the EA, then FSC Inc provided the website, member area section, IPN integration, DLL protection, License Management System as well as provide customer support.

Everything went smoothly until Gabor requested we allow the Clickbank funds go through him, based on trust we agreed and allow all the funds since November 2012 go through him. However since he is from Hungary, it takes ages for a US check to clear, so we adviced him to get a Payoneers Prepaid MasterCard and also activate US payment service on this card (this allows him to get funds directly to his card from clickbank).

He was issued a payoneer mastercard as planned but he started coming up with different stores about the US payment service activation. Normally the US payment service takes just 2 weeks for approval by payoneer account department. Gabor said he applied for the US payment since first week of december and its 21th of January already and nothing still, we were worried so we had to contact payoneer on his behalf, payoneer made it known to us that the US payment servoce has been activated on Gabor's account since January 2nd 2013 already, but Gabor denied this claim and said payoneer declined his application instead.

Giving Gabor a benefit of doubt we requested him to forward the email he recieved from payoneer stating that he was declined for US payment service. Instead of sending the email, he went offline, refused to pick calls, didnt send us our share and posted false claims on myfxbook about FSC INC.

To be on a safe side and to prevent new customers from falling into his trap we had to bring down the website.

He doesnt allow the EA to run by itself, he always interfere with the trades that is why you can see such amazing profits on a $250 cent account. He could not even afford to fund a standard account for his EA.

If you need a copy of the EA, you can download a free unlimited version here (no protection) .

Read myfxbook post here including our skype conversations with this crook : Forex Grid Trader EA [FX Clearing] Discussion - Page 36 | Myfxbook

Thank you.

Forex Source Code Team.


If manual interference increases profit, I'm all for manually interfering.

What do you mean by "bring down his website"? Even if all of your allegations are 100% true, hacking a website is illegal.

Is the Ilan EA itself free and open to the public? If not, giving away copies of something based on it would be a copyright violation.