Hi.everyone. I am the chinese trader. I joint Gainsy in may,2014. All together I funded 110k $ to different pamm accounts provided by Gainsy. In August,serval accounts were stop out one day before the rollover date. Many of them suddenly changed the rollover date without noticed the traders. I lost 60000$ at that time. I doubt these pamm accounts are fake, and this is a big lie from Gainsy. In the same time, I requested to withdrawal the rest amount, Gainsy requested to do the apostille for my ID and proof of address, this duration took me almost 20 days with more than one thousand dollars cost. All the cost is under me. And during this period, Gainsy provide very bad costume services, I strongly suggest that do not trade with this brokers. This brokers is no regulated no trust at all and not care about the trader at all.


Lt. Colonel
110K is not a small amount bro, You must ask them first about Pamm account as you said you lost 60k in it. Also what is current status of your rest amount withdrawal ?

Please update this thread asap so I can suggest you more steps.


In a month's time, we recover the remaining 50K in gainsy
Please do not easily believe that the brokers, do not put too much money in the foreign exchange market, here is full of cheat and fraud.
This year I and hqu007 losses, this is a cruel lesson.
Gainsy cheat, in a seemingly reasonable means for the large investment, is still propaganda on the Internet, like a fishing net in the game selection.