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I Am "Ali Reza Salek" one of the clients of Forex broker. has blocked my account and some other clients accounts.
I chat with their support more and more for about 1.5 months.
their Supporter strategy is:
23:48:56 Administrator: Your account was blocked by security department, and they started investigation before the end of the investigation you will not able to visit your accounts.
2-our security team is considering your account status.they will answer you till the end of the week.
you never will not recieve any answer.

after 3 weeks , 1 day they send an email to me .
email date:2013.12.13

GAINSY Security Department <> wrote:
Dear Customer,

Your account has been blocked due to fraud . The investigation, which was connected with blocking of your account is complete. Following the investigation, the Security Department has determined that IP addresses that were used to control a group of accounts, including your account , also were used to carried out hacker attacks on trading server of our Company in order to receive illegal profit. In addition, it was determined that most of the documents which were provided for verification of accounts have been illegally obtained , without the knowledge of their holders. As a result of these activities, the Company suffered a loss of more than 100,000 dollars. Therefore, the Security Department had decided to return all deposits to holders of these accounts. With the subsequent blocking of the accounts, as well as a ban to open a new accounts in our Company. To determine the underlying causes and motives, as well as compensation of the losses of the Company , all the information has been transferred to the relevant government authorities which were pointed in the verification documents of accounts' holders.

Best Regards,
Gainsy Inc Company
Web site:
Support Chat Online : Live Chat

after this email they go to a huge answer and nothing to me(or maybe other clients).
I have saved my latest account perfomance before block my account.
I attached my performance for FPA friends.



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Send am email to Gainsy. Ask them to join this thread and publicly show your alleged cheating.

ali reza

Do one thing, Go to live support and send them link regarding this thread and ask them to answer your query over here.

yes I did Salim.
they said "we don't should send an email to security."
I will have some try again.
thank you.

ali reza

This is my Final chat with Gainsy Supporters.
Please See and Judge Yourself.

08:24:01 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...
08:24:35 Operator Administrator joined the chat
08:24:37 Administrator: Hello! Welcome to our support. How may I help you?
08:25:19 Ali Reza Saleki: Hello.The below topic is a Complain from Gainsy.check.
08:25:21 Ali Reza Saleki:
08:26:15 Ali Reza Saleki: if your security team don't consider , will transfer to black list and scam brokers.
08:27:43 Administrator: Can you provide your user name and your normal question, please?
08:30:46 Ali Reza Saleki: I am "Ali Reza Saleki" and my ACC# is 235855
08:31:20 Ali Reza Saleki: it is my Alert to gainsy.
08:31:44 Administrator: One moment please, information about your account is checking...
08:35:01 Ali Reza Saleki: you have blocked my have blocked all of my money.why?it is more than 2 months that i am chatting and sending email to security.
08:35:50 Ali Reza Saleki: I had make a complain from gainsy to FPA to introduce you to all of the world traders
08:36:44 Administrator: Thank you for your waiting! We see that your account has been blocked by Security Department according to fraud reasons. So all moments you need to discuss with Security Department.
08:37:43 Ali Reza Saleki: Dear Sir , I had sent so much emails to security department.No one didn't answer to me.
08:38:05 Administrator: Do you have support questions, sir?
08:39:42 Ali Reza Saleki: check
08:39:44 Ali Reza Saleki:
08:39:46 Ali Reza Saleki: plz
08:41:00 Ali Reza Saleki: your Security is on huge silent.why?
08:41:38 Administrator: Sir, if you don't have support questions and don't want to add for your reputation also SPAM activity, please, contact only Security Department. Have a nice day!
08:41:51 Ali Reza Saleki: you have sent an email to me and you said you will cash back deposited money.
08:42:09 Ali Reza Saleki: why you think it is an unrelated question to support?
08:44:21 Administrator: We already explain you, that your account has been blocked, and you know, that this could be only with valid reasons. You need to contact Security Department.
08:45:37 Ali Reza Saleki: ok.and i said i had sent many emails to security and they don't answer to my emails.then it is my right to refer to support and chat.
08:45:57 Ali Reza Saleki: what is your offer for me?
08:49:11 Administrator: First of all your groundless threats only worsen your situation. You need contact only representatives of Security Department This is only one right way for you, sir.
08:53:10 Ali Reza Saleki: groundless threats?you have blocked all og my money for more than 2 months and your Ridicule Security ( no answer to no one of my say groundless threts?you are a real abuse.
08:53:49 Ali Reza Saleki: Fpa have more than 1 milyoon clients from all of the world.i will introduce you and i will share this chat with the world.
08:53:53 Ali Reza Saleki: bye
08:54:30 Administrator: You don't hear us, sir. Your account has been blocked by Security Department according to fraud reasons.
08:54:44 Administrator: If you will have some additional Support questions, please, contact us anytime.
08:54:51 Administrator: Have a nice day!
08:55:06 Operator Administrator left the chat


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Even if they have evidence of deliberate fraud, the client is owed a full and complete explanation. Otherwise, it is very easy to consider the possibility that fraud accusations are just a way to steal money from clients.


I was speaking with Financial Services Authority St. Vincent and the Grenadines because I have account with gainsy as well. I have no problem yet but I asked Authority just in case what I should do if I have problem with Gainsy.

This is answer:

You may inform us by making a formal complaint in writing.

Geshell Peters (Ms.)
Legal Officer
Financial Services Authority
2nd Floor, NIS Headquarters
Upper Bay Street
St. Vincent and the Grenadines