Im trading Gainsy since last year. Their web platform Im using worked correctly and I made profits.

On OCT 3rd 2014 I put refund request. After couple of days I asked them on live chat about my request and they told me to wait 24 hours. And after 24 hours they told me to wait 24 hours and then one more time.

On OCT 9th 2014 I couldnt login to my webplatform ("Login failed: Invalid credentials). I visited livechat again, because nobody is responding on their email ( and they told me to write a ticket on their side and they will solve the problem in 24 Hours. Today OCT 13th 2014 I visited livechat and asked them about my refund request and about my web login and they told me to wait 24 hours!!! Always wait 24 hours... :confused:


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Okay now go to live chat and tell them about this thread and invite them to answer here, if they didn't respond proper then tell them that you are going to make negative review about them on FPA review page (here) and every available review pages on internet.


Yesterady, they sent me this on my e-mail:

Dear Mr./Mrs.

Your transaction has been temporarily suspended. In order to complete the transaction you are kindly requested to assist us in the framework of documentary check under the international “Know Your Customer” (KYC) program.

This is a standard procedure, that is recognized at the international level and consists in checking of the basic information and status of potential and existing clients. As the transparency has always been of a fundamental importance for our Company, so this documentary check is necessary in order to ensure that GAINSY is able to provide the services in accordance with the laws and regulations of the relevant authorities (in the registration country or country of residence).

In this regard, we are kindly asking you to provide us with the colour apostilled copies of the following documents:

1) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your identity: true copy of ID paper (Passport, Driving License).

2) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your identity: ID paper (Passport, Driving License) translated into English, if needed.

3) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your address: true copies of invoices of public services payments.

4) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your address: invoices of public services payments translated into English, if needed.

5) Apostilled copies of documents confirming your tax declaration: true copy of Tax Declaration paper.

6) Apostilled translation of documents confirming your tax declaration: Tax Declaration paper translated into English, if needed.

We hope it won't be difficult for you to provide us with the above-mentioned documents.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Best Regards,
GAINSY Inc Company
Support Department


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Hello vgasper

Invite the broker to this thread to discuss your ongoing problems.


Phone: +44.141.416.7777

It might speed things up a bit if you could add your account number in this thread, on the off chance that someone from their firm might spot it and investigate your concerns away from this discussion.

Good luck


Today 20.OCT 2014, they said to write an email to and I did. I put my papers to Apostille and now Im waiting for them. then I will send it to Gainsy and the I will see how they will reply, if they will! For now I didnt get any Email from them to answer me why I cannot login to my account...

I hope I wont have to open CASE ON COURT....

I also invited them on this thread (>,,,,,

"Hi, I put my case with you on live forum and you are Invited to explain your problems. I hpoe you will respond


Have a nice day, Gasper"


Hello, Vidic!

Your chat history:

20:02:45 Thank you for contacting us. An operator will be with you
20:03:06 [Operator Administrator joined the chat]
20:03:11 Administrator: Hello! Welcome to our support. How may I help
20:03:22 Vidic: Hi
20:03:45 Vidic: My username is Vidic, weblogin: Vidic_Live
20:04:31 Vidic: Im writing emails to all of your departments about my
problem signing in the web platform but nobody replies
20:04:53 Vidic: can you explain me why nobody fix my problem?
20:06:01 Vidic: I was on live support couple of times and you always
write me you will fix the problem
20:06:18 Vidic: And now is 20 days from it!
20:07:27 Administrator: One moment please, information is being
20:08:48 Vidic: ok
20:12:16 Administrator: Tell me, please, have you got an e-mail
message from security department of GAINSY?
20:12:55 Vidic: No I didnt
20:13:09 Vidic: I dont have in in spam, Im checking it every day
20:13:35 Administrator: I mean, about KYC Program.
20:13:59 Vidic: Yes I sent you ( the apostilled
copies of all documents you wanted for my refund request.
20:14:17 Vidic: So now you are informed and inform you supperiors
because on my emails you almost dont reply
20:15:13 Vidic: please give me the security email and I will send the
copies to them too.
20:15:26 Administrator: Sir, I'm transferring this chat to security
20:15:35 Vidic: ok
20:15:43 Administrator: It's
20:16:03 Vidic: thank you, they will get it in next moments
20:16:25 Vidic: sent
20:16:26 Administrator: You are welcome!
20:16:43 Administrator: It's working time is 9.00 - 19.00 GMT (Mon -
20:17:01 Vidic: What is your time now?
20:17:26 Administrator: It's 18:19
20:17:43 Vidic: So they will recieve it today...
20:19:04 Administrator: But security department do not processes such
requests within 24 working hours, it can takes much time.
20:19:18 Vidic: how long?
20:19:52 Administrator: It depends of that department.
20:19:59 Vidic: will you transfer this chat to security department
20:20:55 Administrator: Yes, I already sent it.
20:22:02 Vidic: ok great, please let them know about our conversation,
about fix the login problems and my apostilled papers I sent
20:22:55 Administrator: Of course!
20:23:12 Administrator: Is there anything else I can help you with?
20:23:49 Vidic: I wont wait much longer, maybe a week and them I will
be forced to start international court procedure against Gainsy.
20:24:05 Vidic: Thank you very much, Goodbye
20:24:18 Administrator: If you have any additional questions, please,
contact us anytime.
20:24:21 Administrator: Have a nice day!


have you take back your money? Your apostilled papers are done?
i am in the same situation。