GBP/JYN volatility

I would like to learn what the most important factors are that are responsible for the volatility in currency pair GBP/JYN. As a newbie I know to stay away from that pair, but I would like to do some research. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. Greetings from Amsterdam, Boyd
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IMF: The dollar is still overvalued by 10-15%

Hey Felix,
The IMF said last week that the dollar was still over valued by 10-15%. The g-7 failed to discuss the price of "intensively" and instead focused on the yuan. Although Secretary Paulsef said a strong dollar is in the interest of the U.S, he also said something "let the fundamentals and the free market decide ..." In light of those facts, are we gonna see a serious decline in the dollar, if the feds cut interest rate?? or Eventually the one-way bet against the dollar will stop?
GBP/JPY volatility

Hey Gump,
The volatility in the GBP/JPY is mainly due to renew credit concerns in the U.S market. Investors exit those risky currencies like GBP/ AUD/ NZD even the Euro... what happens is that the yen and to some extent the dollar, both go up.