GCI Financial Ltd Is Still On the Hunt for new Traders!!! Beware!!!

Awais Rasheed

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Dear Traders,

"GCI Financial Ltd" which is been labeled as a "SCAM Comapnay" is still on the hunt for new traders so that they can rob there money. So beware of it. This is the mail i received from them today;

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date Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 2:54 AM
subject GCI Expands Product Offerings and Global Presence

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Dear Online Trader,

GCI Financial Ltd is proud to announce the launch of Options trading on all major currencies, indices, and crude oil on its ICTS Forex platform!

Options offer limited risk and unbounded profit potential and are ideal for investors who want to take advantage of longer-term currency movements with no cost of carry. They are also great for more passive investors who do not have the time to dedicate to spot trading.

Also, since the majority of GCI's client base is in Europe and the Pacific Rim, we realized that regulatory status closer to home will serve our clients better. Therefore, GCI has decided to forego its regulatory status in Belize in favor of seeking regulation in the EU. We are excited about this strategic change and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive!

To show appreciation for selected new and existing clients, GCI will offer a 20% bonus margin on your LIVE account funding through the end of March. You may fund your account using any of the methods at Thank You. To ensure you receive your bonus margin, please complete the form at GCI Financial - Global Leaders In Online Trading and insert voucher code 032010 in the comment field.

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We look forward to serving you with outstanding trade execution and customer service!

Best regards,

GCI Financial Ltd

Telephone: 1 284 494 7738

email: info@gcitrading.com

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ROFL- at GCI- I bet they aren't as exited as their ex-clients that are still waiting for their promised money? And Belize thru them out. They didnt leave as a business move - they were TOLD to pack their bags-by a country with one of the most "pro" business environments in the world. They were told to leave because they were making Belize look even more shady than its already shaky reputation. This outfit is in the top 10 worst Brokers of all time.