GCI Financial LTD


Hi There.
Me and FPA are in contact with GCI now a days But i think the world have right to know also.
In Feb 2010, i won the case against GCI in The Supreme Court of Belize. I posted the Courts order also.
What happened next! Did They pay me my Funds? NO they did not. They closed their Office and Run, tail in between Their Legs.
After that in June 2010, They discontinued their Case against me. Confused?
Of course they could not win the case, so they opened a Case on me in order to consume as much time as they want. We all know the procedures of the Court, even a single letter from the court can take months.
After Running, Their Attorney's Closed the case against me and all i was left with was A letter from the court BUT no money.So i also discontinued my Case in Sep 2010 Because i had a security deposit of $5500 in the Court.
Now they are try to clear their name which is already in the Black list folder.
They say that i never won the case but i already provided the Court's order and no one can challenge that.
I request of the FPA members' to never trust what GCI says. and apply pressure on them to give me my money back.

Best Regards