GCI is a SCAM!!! don't let withdrawal money without any explanation or reason


I'm a swinger trader, each trade of mine takes from couple of hours to couple of days.
I never scalp or enter and exit a trade in a few minutes.
I traded GCI for more than a year,and had a good trading experience.
At the beginning of July I applied a withdrawal request in the amount of $10,066.
On July 3, I received a confirmation from GCI payments department that may request has be received and been processed:

Please note we are in good receipt of your Withdrawal Request and will process soonest.

Please note Bonus Margin can never be withdrawn and has been reversed, therefore we will be able to send you 10,066.76$

We appreciate your Trading with us.

Payments Department
GCI Financial LLC"

Since than, I didn't receive my money.
I chat with their reps 5 times, and with my account manager,Markus but all they had to say was that my case transferred to the management which is located in different time zone, and they emailed them a question to see what's going with my request but they still didn't receive an answer.

After begging for respond, on July 26 I received this respond:
"Dear Sir,

our accounting team has received your withdrawal request and forwarded it to our management to clarify the processing time.

In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

Best regards,

Markus Berger
GCI Financial"

Dear FPA,

GCI are avoiding me, avoiding from sending me the money, without any justification.

Please help me receive back my money.

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Send an email to every address you can find for GCI. Invite them to please come to this thread and explain the reasons for this delay.
They are no regulated which makes the process more difficult
Keep bugging them with calls, emails, chats and of course through the FPA
file a complaint through the regulator in the country where they are regulated and in your country as well
Thank you guys, but it is seemed that they keep ignoring me, look at the chat I had with them today:
"You are now chatting with 'Roger'
Roger: Hello,
Yaniv: Hi, may I chat with Markus please?
Roger: Mr.Markus is not available on the chat at the moment
Roger: Please send him an email and he will be glad to assist you as soon as possible..
Yaniv: I sent him an email .he didn't replay...
Roger: he will
Yaniv: When?
Roger: once he ready you message
Roger: read*
Roger: your*
Roger: sorry for my spelling
Yaniv: and when he is intend to read my email...?
Roger: as soon a he get to your email he will read it an get back to you
Yaniv: today?in about an hour? tomorrow?
Roger: Sir I will send Mr. Markus copy of this chat conversation to follow with you..
Yaniv: No. I want to know when he will replay to any of my emails and I want you to tell me now the status of my withdrawal request.
Yaniv: Are you still there?
Roger: Please note since you already sent the email to Mr.Markus, I 'm pretty sure that he is checking and he shall reply to you as soon as possible..
Yaniv: But I sent him few email in the last couple of days and he never replayed. It seemed that he is avoiding me.
Roger: Not really Sir, he is probably checking with our payments and management department to get back to you
Roger: we thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay..
Yaniv: Delay?! It is more than 3 weeks already!
Yaniv: Delay?! It is more than 3 weeks already!
Roger: I'm sorry, I need to check with Mr. Markus First as I'm not aware of the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yaniv: Please specify WHEN are you going to get back yo me.
Yaniv: Are you there?
Roger: within 24 hours
Yaniv: From now?
Roger: yes
Yaniv: ok.Let's see..."

That's all for now.
I give them 24 hours to replay.
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Markus Berger is really some Dutch guy named Küpfer. Who must have to use an AKA ! There is no Markus Berger. entire company is full of lies
they are not regulated. last time they were registered company in Anguilla. contact the CFTC in US. owner of GCI is US person, Mitch Vaquez