GCI pathetic attempts.


Subject: RE: Ejaz Hussain

Dear Mr. Gandhi,

Thank you for your query.

One misguided approach by unscrupulous clients is to try and take advantage of price delays, latencies, and software bugs for their personal gain. Ejaz Hussain is one example of such a client who employs a two-pronged strategy of attempting to exploit technical feed issues and then launch a variety of harassing threats if he is caught and a rightful adjustment is made by GCI. Ejaz Hussain's strategy and his lawyer's involvement are nothing new.

Not only has Ejaz Hussain received his entire initial deposit back, but he has also received $3,165.74 more back from GCI than he sent to GCI in aggregate. Ejaz Hussain's complaint is fabricated on his demand to be sent even more funds beyond his initial investment. This is extortion under the guise of trying to create problems with the broker's regulator or otherwise trying to damage the broker's business through misleading and untruthful public comments if additional funds are not sent.

Ejaz Hussain will likely continue this harassing extortionist activity as long as his phone calls and emails are fielded. Legal counsel in Pakistan are inexpensive and he has already made $3,000 with this trick.

Insofar as Ejaz Hussain has retained legal counsel, the natural solution would be to encourage him to seek relief using this legal avenue and suggest that continued contact constitutes harassment and is intolerable and will not be acceptable.


Compliance Department

GCI Financial Ltd.