GCI TRADING has looted all my profits

If you are sure you are correct, file your case in "Traders Court" (top of this page) under "Traders Court>File a case".
Detail your complaints and attach whatever proofs you have......and I am very sure our most helpful Assistant Moderator will guide you on the procedures and also to extend an invitation to GCI to once again come to make their defense at the FPA.
Dear sir.

I am 100% sure I am waiting to complet one weeks
Times. As I tried to register the case it was asking for at least one week. From the day communication statred. I am waiting sir
Ok....I am looking forward to see how GCI will respond to your case.

Coming back to your trading system/style, if you are not doing anything wrong, why don't you trade with a ASIC or FSA regulated broker? I would be very interested to try out your trading system/style.

I don't think you should have any problem in withdrawals from these regulated brokers.
Dear sir,

I was doing trading from more than 3 years in GCI I tried all way to make money .still I can't say I am perfect I am little more success from
Last 3 months but still losses are COMMING.. I am improving I have to see by practicing some more days whether this style will work for me are not??
Can you please suggest some of ASIC are FSA brokers.