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You don't have to tell us your life story, but please give us some details. "I love this broker." isn't a review. "I hate this product." isn't a review. Tell us what you love, what you hate, and why. How long have you been using this broker or product or service? Tell us the advantages and disadvantages. If you are unhappy, say what happened when you contacted customer support. If you really hated something, did you ask for a refund? If so, was it given quickly and easily?

For rating brokerages, remember that you are rating the performance of the brokerage, not your performance as a trader. If you make a bad decision and the market goes against you, that is not the broker's fault. If you make a great decision and the pair you bought yesterday is up 400 pips this morning, you deserve the credit, not your broker. A broker's job is to accept your money, give you a good data feed, execute your trading commands properly on their platform, and return your money to you when you ask. If the brokerage does this well, it deserves a good rating whether you made a profit or not.

Reviews should all contain some useful content regarding the product or service. We may occasionally allow "No Rating" reviews that have a high humor value.
Not open for further replies.