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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Administrator, Oct 17, 2016.

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    On a page http://gerchik-co.com/ you can find warnings and examples of their fraudulent activity + pictures. This page is in Russian language but you can translate it using google translate if you want to save your money and you really should.

    We can read:
    "Gerchik Co (Gerchik and Co.) reviews - SCAMMERS !!! SCAM !!!

    Gerchik Co is a fraudulent organization based in Belize. In case you suddenly have an idea to advertise this broker, then drop the idea. To associate with Gerchik Co is not possible - FRAUDS !!!

    If you have money in Gerchik and Co., then URGENTLY REMOVE YOUR MONEY !!! If they are given to you, of course, it happens in different ways - keep this in mind."

    The authors of the page also are encouraging you to write to them if you was scammed by Gerchik Co.

    The prices on Gerchik's charts are jumping far away from what is in reality. The authors of warning page says it is Russian kitchen-company with their own charts drawn in the kitchen.

    Gerchik Co was also trying to remove bad opinions about itself and contacted domain registrar of http://forex-brokers.pro/ (where there is another warning) and... failed. Gerchik Co refused to comment the materials about themselves!

    You can also visit a warning about Gerchik Co on http://forex-brokers.pro/
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