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Banned Spammer
No it was not for $50 ! My trial membership for my signals cost $50! And nothing is free in this world, even not the death! Because it costs your life! So i will not post it here at all for free!

Who want to buy it, can do it! And who want to follow your unnecassry comments, can beleive on that! I dont care!

And i dont use the strategy for my own signals! And i dont know, why u guys are supprising, when it says u can make 10 to 20 pips per trade! Is it really so hard for u guys, to make 10 pips per trade????

And i have not written, that all trades will be in 100% in profit, ofcourse there are losses too!

So do ur work, and let others do thier business! Dont involed u on that, still u have no idea, what the fact is!


This is from your Facebook page posted yesterday:

Advanced FX Room - Month ended with +266 Pips in 10 days with our Short term Trades! Long-term Trades included -167 Pips in 10 days! Very bad month for Trading! Lets see, how Forex will be in March!

Now lets get the calculator out.....

266pips - 167pips = + 99 pips...... 99pips divided by 10 days = average 9.9pips per day

Is it really so hard for u guys, to make 10 pips per trade????

You seem to be having a few problems yourself.....

This forum is a community that trys to protect its members from the sharks and charlatans that prowl the forex world preying on the innocence and inexperience of new traders coming into the market.

I have not accused you of anything other than trying to advertise for free a commercial venture, which as I have already said is against the rules, and that is why your post is now here in the Spammers Hall of Shame.... not really a great advert for your integrity is it?

Your angry post says a lot about your character and I'm afraid it's not very flattering.

If you have a legitimate business that you wish to promote on this site you could always apply to have it performance tested here (I believe there are sometimes technical issues with this) :

.... or get a reviews page here on FPA and get rated independently.

I can assure you that everytime you try and spam this site your post will end up here and eventually you will be banned, simple as that. You can have another temper tantrum if it makes you feel better but it won't change anything, better to have a rethink about your marketing strategy and try to become a little bit more professional about it.