GFT or newly acquired by Capital is scam


GFT operates forex trading via 2 systems main-Dealbook account and MT4 account.I opened an MT4 account.MT4 requires to fetch updated data from Dealbook server when syncing.For any positions still remain open,MT4 will create numerous syncing known as AAS(AutoAccountSync).This caused my account to lost US500+. I have no idea how or why.They kept asking me to refer Dealbook which is most accurate and no money is being deducted from MT4 account.When I look at the equity,it has reduced by the AAS amount.
1. Til today, GFT did not refund me this amount.
2. Stephanie the worst manager claimed MT4 is error free.In my email to service team, they admitted a blip in MT4 which caused me to lost over $1000+.Yet, I was not refunded.I emailed them this error with image of GFT MT4 and another broker's MT4.They just ignored!
3. In another incident,a longer 2minute blip or missing candlestick took out over $1000+. I had a pending order to buy right below the current live price. During one news, the candlestick was missing. There was no activity for few minutes.I tried to delete but denied.I logout and log back in. There! My order was executed during that missing candlestick and stop loss did not fire.Again,Stephanie team tried to avoid paying me.
All my complaints ended up with the service team, live chat or emails.They did not reach Glenn Stevens!
4.When I first traded,a news did a margin call and closed all opened positions. Minutes later,a supposedly closed losing position suddenly reappears and traded in losses.GFT had ghost traded on my account or sabotage it without my permission.Other trades were remained closed.
5.At the time of my live account opening,I noticed hugh amounts added and removed in the history.This account has been illegally used before me.

I hope Glenn Stevens,CEO will personally talk to me. I have all the evidences he can refer.He just need to email me.


Send an email to ever address you can find for them. Ask them to come and join this thread.