Hi, I think my broker (GFX) which is located in Cambodia is a scammer. Plus because the ceo and the one who run it, is a politician in cambodia, there nothing I can do about it. (Because cambodia politic is corrupt)

The story is that, GFX provide a service that trade for client. They take 30% of the profit and the rest they give to client at the end of the month. Seems strange, but it been running for 5 years, so what could go wrong.!!

Then just last March, they announce that there are a 3 thieves stole all client investment money (More than 27 Million dollar). They cannot do anything about it, so the only way is to join them and go to court with the 3 theives (Note : They said they don't know where the theives are, but they know them because they work for them)

But when we want to know the detail, they seems to be really suspecious.
They don't give any data, they hide all the trade information. The one who run it, let's just say "DO NOT CARE ONE BIT".

I think if you ever invest, don't invest with GFX or Cambodia Politician, because right now the cambodia government ( - that allow GFX to run - does not care at all for 5 months since March.

Total loss : +$27 Million (6000 client)

If anyone can investigate this, I can provide my mt4 account, because right now it is negative.