Ghost Trader Scam


Not sure how "new" Ghost Trader is out there, but they're nothing but a scam from what I've experienced so far. After signing up for their relatively cheap copy signal service, you are run through another 5 upgrade options.

Logged into their site, and had to choose a trader that I would get signals from. I had optionally signed up for additional signals through email. Of course none came, period. Also, could never get their program to work, it kept telling me my account number was invalid. After contacting support, I got a simple email asking me if I had typed in the right account number. I replied, and gave more info, and not a word back from them.

After the next day or two, I noticed an email from them, it was titled as an upgrade. Note to all to always make sure you know what you're clicking on. I figured hey, must be a software upgrade, not so. Turned out to be a Plimus link click that AUTOMATICALLY charges you $497 simply by clicking on the link, NO CONFIRMATION whatsoever. Of course, the "note" about the $497 was further down below in the email. And later emails they are putting it down even further in the email, I guess hoping nobody will notice. After you click the link, it bills you, and takes you to their member page. Doesn't even give you the option to confirm that you're making a purchase, doesn't let you know that you made a purchase, nothing. The only clue you have is when you get a receipt from Plimus on your purchase.

Part of the problem is Plimus, in allowing this kind of link to be created first off. Once Ghost Trader has you a as a member, they keep sending out these "updates", and even title them as "freebies", charging you $497.

Their customer support is basically non-existant, and they try to get you to ring up all kinds of charges through their 50 million upgrade options.

After I saw the email the first time, and accidentally clicked on it, and got charged the $497, I got Plimus to reverse all the charges.

I keep getting emails from them to click on the "freebies" link that charges you $497. Even after I clicked on the link to unsubscribe, I keep getting these emails. These guys are bad news, period.

Wayne C

It has the same style of 'UPSELL' scam marketing like PIP CHOAS & PIPS MUTIPLIER...You should lodge complain to Plimus about this scam and unethical vendors selling through them..:hissyfit:


I fully agree with Wayne. Contact Plimus and raise hell. If they don't quickly provide a refund, then have a chat with the fraud department at your credit card's issuing bank.