Giambrone calls for claimants in global fight against Plus500

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Continuing its leadership of the global legal fight against unethical brokerage firms, Giambrone is actively investigating customer claims against well-known CFD broker Plus500. Giambrone seeks to restore clients’ lost funds and prevent further targeting of novice investors and victimization of trusting individuals.

For years, Plus500 users have complained of a range of platform irregularities and questionable practices, which may have violated the broker’s duties as a regulated entity and could provide clients with the right to recover losses. A great number of Plus500 customers, many of whom lacked prior experience trading complex financial products, have suffered significant financial harm. In addition, some clients have been wrongly accused of market abuse and had profitable trades cancelled, lost money due to unfair margin policies, or experienced long delays in accessing their funds.

Giambrone is poised to launch a group action against Plus500. Thanks to a litigation financing partner, prospective claimants will not bear any upfront costs. We want to hear from any and all individuals who lost money trading with Plus500 at any time since 2011. Further details are available at:

Our lawyers have an enviable track record of success against a range of financial trading companies, in addition to a well deserved reputation of recovery on behalf of their clients. Giambrone is one of the few international law firms prepared to act against banks, brokers and companies within the financial services sector as we have few conflicts of interest that prevent the vast majority of firms with financial litigation departments from accepting such cases.

There are signs that despite some regulatory bodies beginning to combat unethical behavior in the brokerage industry more aggressively, the growing menace of financial fraud is becoming more organised and sophisticated.

One of Giambrone’s primary concerns is to make every effort to ensure that brokers who violate regulatory and ethical standards are held accountable for their actions. In addition to bringing litigation, the firm regularly lobbies regulatory agencies across the world for more robust penalties when illicit activity is discovered.
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