GIGFX Issues

GigFX scamers

They even try threats. Here is a copy of an email from the accounting department.

Dear Mr. Larry,

We will sent you today your tt copy. And kindly don't call us scammers unless that you will not see your funds.

May the God of the Bible Bless You.

Best Regards,

Accounting Department.
Tell them the difference between scammer and non-scammers is whether you get your funds. At this point, they need to prove they aren't scammers by sending what they owe you.
I closed my account on Feb 22, but have not seen my balance despite repeated requested from me and my IB. GigFx took a long time to reply that they would send the TT copy (similar to what they repled to Larry) but they never sent it.

Can FPA help with these cases? Please?
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GigFx 3 Stars, makes me sick.

Look what I found on the GigFX site. Gig FX Asia | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army 3 Stars. What a bunch of garbage, Gigfx is a scammer from start to finish.:mad:
GigFx scam

If I can ever get promoted, I will be filing a scam complaint with FPA against GigFX. Not sure when that will happen. Keep trying to ask questions and put comments in different post but have not got there yet.:shocked:

My trouble with GigFx is completed, I have received the settlement amount discussed and it is in my bank account.