GKFX Withdrawal Scam


GKFX Nigeria has scammed me of profits. I had been trading there for nearly 18 months without any issues. Only after attempting to make a withdrawal have they notified me that I have allegedly executed fraudulent trades and dealt on unfair prices.
These claims are simply bogus, ridiculous, and an attempt to withhold thousands of dollars worth of profits without any good or fair reason.
How could I possibly deal on unfair prices? I have no way to manipulate their platform. I trade at market prices and click "buy" or "sell" like every other trader on the planet to get the best market price available.
After contacting the Nigeria office without resolve (as a matter of fact, when I let them know that I would report this scam to forex peace army, they basically laughed me to scorned and stated that they were quite confident with their scam, as they are not regulated and have no "governing" body!).
I also appealed to GKFX, an FCA registered and regulated company but they told me that they only provide data and technology to GKFX Nigeria... So GKFX, is working with a mob of thieves in Nigeria. GKFX give them rights to their back office and let them use a replica of their website, and are quite happy and content to continue giving them data and tech that they use in scamming traders!
GKFX Nigeria has absconded over Ten thousand dollars worth of profitable trades.
This is insanity!

Dear FPA, and members please be warned!


Whether they care or not, send them the link to this thread and invite them to come and join the discussion.