Global forex education fraud

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GLOBAL FOREX EDUCATORS'S FRAUD. Global Forex Educators: Global Forex Educators (GFE) (GFE)
I entered into Forex transaction by correspondence Sometimes in June 2011. (however blindly because I never knew that was what it was going to be) I received a call from one Mr Jerry (Who called me through telephone No. +14356271825 from GLOBAL FOREX EDUCATORS. He informed me of their wonderful program that makes an intending Forex Trader spend less than 12 hours every week and make reasonable profit, and that they were willing to take a few people along and practically show them the way to trade, which in his words they were literally going to take one by the hand for a whole year for an amount he considered a token, $1600. Then I requested for two weeks to think about his proposal and possibly raise the money. Ten days later I was unable to raise the money and then the following week I got yet another call from another man who introduced himself this time as Craig, he identified himself as the manager of GFE (GLOBAL FOREX EDUCATORS) that he decided on his own to call me just to help me with the program. Based on that, I decided to sell my car in order to raise the money because of the many wonderful opportunities he made me see if I could raise the money. I procured a credit card and gave them the details based on trust (but I never knew I was dealing with wolves in sheep clothing) and my account was debited between the 9th & 10th of June 2011 to the tune of $1594.8 and then after, I got a call from Craig and he gave a lady the phone to speak with me and whom most of her speech I could not understand but then when eventually I managed to understand her, I became apprehensive when she gave me a condition that if after three days of enrolment they would not refund my money. They tried to discourage me though, But after much thought over it I decided to act before it became too late and I called them on the second day, sent them mails that I was no longer interested in the stuff, I received yet another call from one Todd Stowe who persuaded me to continue, but when he observed that I was determined to quit, he then offered me a money back Guarantee, (a copy of which is attached) he said that I should print it out, sign and send it back to him . After sending my signed copy of the letter of refund to Mr. Todd, he assigned me a teacher who took me only for four sessions of not more than 45mins each and at the end of the 4th session he told me my session was over and ever since then, all my effort to contact Mr. Todd has not been fruitful. He has refused to pick up my calls nor reply my mails It is based on this that I respectfully seek your intervention on this matter to help me recover my money from this people. I am an average struggling man, and have lived honestly and truthfully with others and I wonder why this will happen to me. I have a family and an aged mother to take care of and in my quest for a better means of livelihood; I have ended up in the lions den.
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You should mention their web site

You may also post any document as an evidence of your claims.

Tell them about this thread.

File a case at FPA.

Generally speaking, you should never trust people who market their product thru repeated phone calls and the help of employees attempting to convince you again and again. Furthermore, you should do your homework and verify everything about these people.
It may be too late, but you should contact your credit card company immediately and ask to speak to someone in the fraud department.