Fx Discounts and Rebates Global Prime - $1.50 per RTL Rebates/Commission Discount; ASIC Regulated Broker


Private, 1st Class

As with IC Markets, after considerable research and review of its qualities as a broker, I found myself drawn to Global Prime's superior trade environment consisting of fast execution, no to low spreads, and reasonable commissions. That said, I thought to discount those commissions even further, and improve on this already stellar trading environment by entering into an IB agreement with Global Prime. All this backed by ASIC regulation and segregated accounts.

As ever, I encourage everyone to do their own homework and verify this broker's quality for themselves. I am confident you will agree that Global Prime's trade environment is amongst the best on the market.

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These commission discounts work simply: while enrolled under my IB (Introducing Broker) account you get a $1.50 USD real time discount on your normal commission of $7.00 USD / per round turn lot (or equivalent) at Global Prime. Instead of normally getting charged a commission of $7 USD per lot of currency you buy and sell, you will be charged only $5.50 USD / RTL; this saves you approximately more than 21% on the cost of trading at Global Prime.

Getting down to brass tacks, all you need to do in order to get your $1.50 USD / RTL commission discounts is to create an account at Global Prime after using my IB link here: https://globalprime.eappform.com/Initiate.aspx?Adviser=FOREX&PCode=KVCR

Note that existing Global Prime clients are also eligible for my discounts! Simply e-mail support@icmarkets.com and ask them to enroll your account under IB 1053

Please be sure to follow up after enrolment by e-mailing me at kvcrebates@gmail.com and Global Prime support at forex@globalprime.com.au so that we can confirm your IB enrollment and discounts. Further, if you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact me, and I will strive to get back to you at the first available opportunity.

Additional information about Global Prime per their literature (virtually all of which I would agree with):

  • ASIC regulated Australian broker with a great team who are truly dedicated to looking after their clients.
  • Complete transparency. Absolutely no b-book or market making with only one account type offered: ECN ONLY.
  • The only broker that is willing to prove that all trades are sent to the Liquidity Providers. Global Prime can supply a trade receipt on any trade taken which shows which Liquidity Provider filled the trade thus proving all trades are sent to LPs.
  • Extremely tight spreads. Leverage up to 200:1 (higher pending approval) with zero stop level.
  • Low Minimum Trade Size - 0.01 Lots.
  • Trade 42 currencies and metals through tier 1 liquidity providers.
  • Servers in Equinix NY4 providing a 1 m/s connection when used with Beeks FX VPS.
  • Free Beeks FX VPS for clients trading greater than 20 lots per month, otherwise heavily discounted VPS rates.
  • Minimum Deposit of $500 with AUD, USD, GBP, EUR denominated accounts.
  • Fast and efficient sign up process.


Private, 1st Class
Some good news for clients of IC Markets and Global Prime; direct fund transfers between these two brokers is now available:

"IC Markets & Global Prime have come to a mutual agreement to allow fund transfers between both brokers. If you are a Global Prime client and would like to transfer funds across to IC Markets you can do so. If you are an IC Markets client and would like to transfer funds to Global Prime you can also do so. You'll still need to meet the conditions of both brokers to facilitate a B2B transfer - please speak to Global Prime or IC Markets if you require assistance with transferring funds between brokers."

This makes transferring money between these two brokers cheap, free and fast.

I also offer $1.50 / RTL rebates and commission discounts for IC Markets here: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/fore...ebates/23544-ic-markets-rebates-1-55-rtl.html

The Reaper of F

I wish I could endorse Global Prime, however, they are sketchy. Look into their margin calls, as well as their deposit/withdrawal practices.

1: If margin were sketch out at 120%, I am pretty sure tons of traders are getting stop-out here and there which would result in more trades being opened. Hence, more commissions being generated. Nice business model out there to the so-called transparency.

2: I noticed some irregularities in its margin for its trade assets. If you look into FX, sometimes even with a low deposit amount like 5 or 20 CHF, you'll still be able to open up a trade. But, at other times of the day even with normal spreads, you won't be able to trade with low amount of deposits anymore. I do wonder if they stalk on you and squeeze it down on the margin size to ensure you deposit more.

3: I am not sure why international withdrawals would take an intermediary charge. But, I haven't had any issues with Oanda, FXPro and LMax international withdrawals? Not even a single charge from them? I wonder if Global Prime make up their own term and charge it as a fee instead.

So much for the honest broker, and so many loopholes that I am about to start screaming sketchy. I am staying away from Global Prime at least for now.