I have 9139688 transaction accounts in Globalfxm. I sent 1,800 euros in February 2018. From July 2018 up to 6100 euros up to the main parameters in my account. My wife is 4300 euros. I had a withdrawal request. She has not paid me for two weeks. He did not give the money. They do not answer me. My phones and Wshabi are blocked. Watch out for cheating Do not trust this company


I saved Alpha Capital fm same as Clobalfmx and several others of the same firm marketing of the pages I have found, and log on will be able to own account depend on respect for one customer you are originally the same account number and user name and password 1050e quiz you at some point I throw website disappeared then came the announcement that changed the servers, I was trying to raise part of the funds but not succeeded when I had to open a small position open even if equity was enough to pick up after yesterday was the situation where i wanted to protect my account by adding a deposit to my trading account, none of the accepted debit visa debit failed to call my bank it had no problem paying the payment i tried again but was not successful and after all the euro 6202 and the account was closed, but I 0,17c contacted by e-mail 10 times and called customer service who is not responsible for about 2 minutes you wait on the line and ask to leave a message whose time thereafter say a The Innocent Respondent that the message boxi is full cannot be missed by the phone that someone would contact, would anyone advice what should be done?