Dear Mr. Denis, account #700818
Our RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM along with external auditors have made an assessment in
your trading activity and have identified the following observations
1.- Your trading is an algorithm arbitrage trading which does not comply with our trading
guidelines to which you agreed when you signed by opening an account with us.
2.- You have several trades that last a total of 0 seconds and managed to make profit
which make those trades incompliant with the no-arbitrage agreement e.g. positions
114469, 114911, 115584, 115753, 115849, 117673, 117675, 117707, 118803, 118810,
118929, 119058 ,119230, 121084, 121222, 121224, among others.
3.- Position #113326 entered on price 11602.1, on that day, price never reached that level
as you can see in the following picture of that trade

Remember that GNT is an STP broker, and when this things happen in the platform your trades never achieve the global market since the prices doesn’t exist, Example: if you enter into a grocery store, and don’t see the man who charge your products doesn’t give you the opportunity to take your products without paying, that is stealing, it´s the same in the trading platform. Sometimes glitches are found in the platform, but you must ask your broker if this is correct instead of taking advantage of it.

In GNT we are working hard to give customers the best broker experience, nevertheless, we are saddened to see customers that try to take advantage from a glitch they identify in our system. We would like to keep you as our customer, but we would need to make sure you´re trading appropriately, and not with these types of algorithms.

What we can offer you is to reestablish your initial balance so you can continue trading or make a withdrawal of your initial balance.

Kind Regards,

Risk management team
First of all i would like to say, that i'm dont using any arbitrage strategy. In most case i will take around 10 point, this is not an arbitrage. I used thinkorswim platform to calculate real volume on markets and take decision to buy or sell, this is not a restrictions strategy.
Also as GNT Capital is STP broker they should send my order to their liquidity provider and banks. They can't have conflict of interest with me, i paid very high commission for my deals. My commission was 16056$.