Go markets margin call


Hi all,

Received an email Friday 10.6.16 at 2.45pm explaining margin requirements for a range of currencies and futures etc will increase from 1-5% over the Brexit period and into the forseable future.

The increase will start from the 13.6.16 according to the email. For me it is likely my account will sink given its current state.

Q- legal requirements around providing sufficient notice for margin requirements. Putting the additional money in the account to stay a float has been actioned , however the amount of time it takes to reach the account there is no way it is possible.

Reviving the notice 2.45 pm Friday afternoon that the margin will increase on Monday essentially I have only 2hrs to supply the account as businesses,banks and brokers are close sat and sun.
The email did relate to a email sent earlier in the week however I did not receive and I am very confident on that as I have my inbox open all the time. Your thoughts and experiences
Most emails do get delivered, but some end up getting caught in spam filters and a few just disappear in transit. If they've got proof they sent it, then there's not much recourse. Of course, it's worth demanding that they provide such proof as well as requesting an extension of a day or two while you send money.