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I requested the withdrawal on 7/9 and provide all the document as the company asked. after 1 week, 2 weeks, my case was still pending. I talk to online serve and mail to the service dep to complain and push the process. all the answers were " we will do it asap. it will be approved in a few days." After 2 months, on 11/5, I wrote a warning letter for scammed issue to the customer service and finance leader. i already saw the status was became "approve" that took me 60 days. But till now, after 15 working days, i have got no money back till now.
Please take care the company!!
How did you deposit? If by credit card, do not delay - contact your issuing bank immediately and request to speak to someone in the fraud department about whether a chargeback would be appropriate or not.

Send an invite to every address you have for these people and ask them to join this discussion thread.
you have maximum 6 months to request a chargeback

I've seen some variability with that. I think the national laws the credit card issuing bank follows may impose shorter or longer limits.

If you think you may need to file a chargeback, never delay - contact your issuing bank immediately.