Gold daily plan and analysis

Gold analysis for today 14.5.2021.

If 1833.36 acts as a support, I expect price to reach 1837.72/1842.02 where I will look for an opportunity to short.
TP1 1833.36
TP2 1826.36
TP3 1814.31

However, if price finds 1837.72 as a support next target is 1856.02 which is my last sell entry point. Targets remain the same.
Good day to all.
Today I am buying Gold.
My first entry point is 1852.56, second pending buy at 1854.85
First target 1858.20 from where I expect pullback, possibly down to 1854.85/1852.56
Second target 1874.50

If price can't hold 1852.56 I expect 1846.08 to be reached as a new buy opportunity.

SL tight, 34 pips

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Price couldn't hold 1852.56 and H4 entered sell mode.
Below 1852.56 is sell, above it buy.
If buy, last support line is 1846.08
If sell, my target will be 1830.63

Let's see PA
M15 is still buy, M30 too long in sell mode, I'm expecting it to turn into buy mode within an hour with a possibility to reach 1874.50.
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1874.50 reached

As long as price is above 1852.56 I will buy with target 1890.79

Prices where I'm looking to buy are:


Let's see how big pullback will be from yesterdays push upwards.
1865.88/1866.11 is acting like a nice cluster support.
I will let my order to go to TP at 1809.79
In meanwhile, I will scalp with buy orders on every drop.

1890.79 still not reached and is still my target.
I am watching 1866.11/1865.88 as a potential buy, but price could go down to 1852.56 where I will place my buy.
TP1 1874.50
TP2 1890.79

Watch PA.
1852.56 reached.
I'm buying according to plan. Possible one more push down to 1850.00
Tonight we have FOMC minutes which could drive price wild.
Let's see will 1890.79 be reached.
TP 1890.79 reached (high was 1890.04)
I'm expecting up to 1903.07/1906.51 and then sell down to 1871.33 if FOMC minutes will drive price wild.
If not, consolidation until tomorrow.