Gold Gold Daily Video, April 17, 2023

Hello , according to my count and analysis , still in favor or one more leg down to 1.600 1.400 before making a reversal
That's the whole spirit about DRPO, sellers are so confident about the next downward zone that they will keep their short and sell gas like hotcakes. My decision rely mostly on technicals, if NatGas close above 2.182 on the spot tonight, the DRPO will be valid, and i'll have a clear stop loss, having a clear invalidation is what I look for on the market. I'll hang in there guys and sit tight until market tells me i'm wrong.

Again this is a buying plan with clear SL and TP and if you're selling now, i'd like to know where is your stop loss or invalidation!!
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After an intraday shakeout on Natural gas, we still see it trading in wave »iv« correction within downtrend, but it's a flat correction instead of a triangle corrective pattern. So, still watch out for a retest of the lows within final wave »v« of 5 of (C) with room down to 1.6 – 1.5 area before the market finds the bottom.

analysis since April 12 by my colleague Grega Hovart ..
check daily candles formation anyways we are approaching buying levels soon


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