Gold Gold Daily Video, February 04, 2021

Brett Reynolds

Sergeant Major
I added a 2nd short position yesterday @ $1835. Stop @ $1850. My 1st position held from last week was $1850 with stop at $1880. That 1st position stop is now @ Breakeven. I really like Gold to 'Fade' that BIG Move in 2020. I feel that Gold would need a weekly close above $1860 now to have any further Rally! I like the $1760 area to Target..and maybe after NFP tomorrow this could be Hit.! BIG Volatility tomorrow so maybe i will close both positions before NFP and look to Re-enter on any Rally.!?
Yesterday when i said 'It could be Long trade' i meant the time it would take for my short positions to play out! I Did not mean that i was 'thinking of going 'Long' on Gold.! :p lol. Sorry for any confusion!